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Lesson 369: Checking out of a Hotel Room.

You can’t stay in a hotel forever, right? The process of leaving the hotel is called ‘checking out of the hotel’. To check out of a hotel, you need to pay your bill, pack your luggage and sometimes get help bringing your luggage.

In this lesson we will learn to converse with the hotel staff while checking out of the hotel.

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In this lesson we will learn what to say in English when we are checking out of a hotel.

Getting Your Luggage Picked.

(I recommend Sanpan for all the receptionist jobs)

Stephanie : We’re checking out. Could you send someone to pick our luggage?

Receptionist : Yes, Ma'am! How many pieces of luggage do you have?

Stephanie : Only two, but they’re large and heavy suitcases. Oh...and yes…There are some shopping bags too.

Receptionist : I’ll send the bellboy over.

Stephanie : Okay. Thank you.

Receptionist : You’re welcome.

Paying the Bill.

(Use phones)

Tracy : Good morning. Room 256. Check-out, please.

Receptionist : Are you Miss Tracy?

Tracy : Yes, that’s right.

Receptionist : Have you consumed anything from the mini-bar?

Tracy : Yeah… A couple of beers and a bottle of water.

Receptionist : Alright, so adding that to your total, it comes to $579.

Tracy : Okay. I also wanna order some coffee from the room-service.

Receptionist : No problems, I’ll get that sent to your room.

Tracy : Great! Please include that in the bill.

Receptionist : Sure! Your new total is $585.

Tracy : Great, please send me the bill.

Wrong Billing.

(Use phones)

Receptionist : ABC Hotel. How can I help you?

Tom : Hi there…I was just going through my bill and I found a charge for laundry.

Reception : Okay?

Tom : Well, I didn’t get any laundry service during my stay. I don’t understand why I’ve been charged for that.

Reception : Is that so? I’m awfully sorry, Sir. Let me get this checked… I’ll send you a revised bill.

Tom : Please do so… It’s very irritating being charged for something you didn’t buy.

Reception : I truly apologize, Sir. This was a mistake. I’ll get it removed right away.

Tom : Alright, thanks for the help.

Asking For a Taxi.

Front Desk : Good morning. What can I do for you today?

Tom : Good morning, buddy! I’m checking out later today, and I want a taxi to the airport.

Front Desk : Alright. What time do you need it for, Sir?

Tom : Say about 10.30. My flight is at 12.30.

Front Desk : Okay… What kind of taxi do you want?

Tom : Nothing special, mate. Just the regular stuff.

Front Desk : No problems. I’ll have a taxi waiting for you at 10.30.

Tom : Great! Thank you.

Leaving The Hotel.

Bellboy : Your taxi is waiting and the luggage is already in the car.

Tom : Great job! Thank you for the excellent service during our stay.

Bellboy : Thank you. It was a pleasure serving you.

Tom : Well, here’s a little tip for you.

Bellboy : Thank you, Sir.

Tom : Alright, goodbye then.

Bellboy : Goodbye. Wish you a enjoyable trip.

Tom : Thanks, buddy!

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