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At the Principal’s Office.

When you are in school or college, you sometimes get reprimanded by the principal or get awarded for something that you achieved for the institution.

Conversations with the principal can be hard on some people. Not knowing what to say to the principal or how to greet the principal can be a problem.

In this lesson we will learn how to greet the principal and what words or phrases to use when at a principal’s office.

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In this lesson we will learn what to say in English when at the principal’s office.

Getting an Award.

Camil Figgins : May I come in, Sir?

Mr. Shuster : Yes. Come in Ms Figgins. Have a seat.

Camil Figgins : Thank you.

Mr. Shuster : You’ve received an award in the inter-school poetry competition. Congratulations!

Camil Figgins : Thank you Principal Schuster.

Mr. Shuster : There’s a cash prize and a trophy for you.

Camil Figgins : Thank you so much!

Mr. Shuster : I want to give you the prize in front of your class. I’ll come to your class sometime today.

Camil Figgins : Okay, Sir.

Mr. Shuster : Alright then. Keep up the good work, Ms Figgins.

Camil Figgins : Thanks, Sir. I will.

Getting Detention.

Mrs. Dursley : Come in Mr. Drake.

Drake : Good evening ma’am.

Mrs. Dursley : (Pretend to read a piece of paper) This note here says that you were caught throwing chalk pieces at a classmate.

Drake : I’m sorry ma’am… Actually the entire class was doing it. The teacher walked in and saw just me.

Mrs. Dursley : That’s no excuse Mr Drake. You know that this kind of behavior is not tolerated in this institution.

Drake : I am sorry Mrs. Dursley. It won’t happen again.

Mrs. Dursley : It’d better not… But just to help you strengthen your resolve, I would like you to stay back for an hour after school in the detention room for this entire week.

Drake : (slightly upset) For the entire week? But it’s only Monday today.

Mrs. Dursley : Right Mr Drake. Just to help you remember. Now you are dismissed, please go back to your class.

Asking for Scholarship.

Garry : May I come in, Sir?

Principal : Yes sure. What can I do for you?

Garry : Sir, may I get an application form for the scholarship you announced yesterday?

Principal : We haven’t received them from the office yet. Check back after 3 days.

Garry : But my folks are going to Vancouver in 2 days and I have to go with them.

Principal : In that case try getting them from the education board office.

Garry : Alright, I will try that.

A New Student on Admission.

Student : May I come in, Sir?

Principal : Yes. Come in. What can I do for you?

Student : Sir, I want to get admission in this school.

Principal : Okay, what’s your name?

Student : My name is John Richardson.

Principal : Why do you want to get admission here?

Student : My dad’s been transferred to this town, and this school is right near my new house.

Princip : What does your father do?

Student : He’s a police officer.

Principal : Which school were you in earlier?

Student : DeWitt High School.

Principal : Alright, which grade do you want the admission for?

Student : I am in Junior school.

Principal : Okay. Get the form from the front-office and submit it along with the documents required. The school will get in touch.

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