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Lesson 99: Talking About Career Choices


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In this lesson, we will see how to talk about career choices.

Asking About Someone’s Career Choices

June: Hey Steve. How are you?

Steve: Not so good, June. I’m really confused about what to do after college.

June: I guess it happens. I myself have always been interested in interior designing. So I signed up for a couple of diploma programs.

Steve: That’s great. Did you get selected anywhere?

June: I’ll get to know next week.

Steve: Do you have a backup plan?

June: Yeah! My friend’s in construction. I’ll work at his firm to get some practical training.

Steve: It seems you have everything sorted out.

Talking to Your Professor About Career Choices

Steve: Excuse me, Sir. May I talk to you for a moment?

Ross : Sure Steve. What is it?

Steve: Well, I’m really confused. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do after college.

Ross: That can happen to anybody, Steve. Students usually get confused about it. What are your major interests?

Steve: Well, I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. That’s why I joined this course in criminal psychology.

Ross: Why don’t you apply to a Police Training Academy? You have all the credentials. Mr. Carson’s son is an NYPD officer. He’ll be able to guide you better.

Steve: Oh! Thank you, Sir. I’ll talk to him first thing tomorrow.

Telling Someone About Your Career Choice

Steve: Hey Sammy. Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in days.

Sammy: Hey Steve. I’ve been busy. I was sending applications to join the Army. I had to go back home for some documents.

Steve: That sounds great but are you sure about it?

Sammy: I have no doubts. This is what I want for my life.

Steve : That’s great, man. I’m planning to join the NYPD.

Sammy: Good news! Both of us would be protecting people and serving our country. I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

Steve: I couldn’t agree more, Sammy.

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