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In this lesson, we will show you common phrases people use when thanking and responding to thanks.

Thanking a Friend

Mark: Hey, Kate. How are you now?

Kate: I’m feeling better, Mark. Thanks for asking.

Mark: I called your place and your mom told me you got the flu.

Kate: Yeah, I did.

Mark: I told Ms. Lucy about it and she said she’ll let you take the tests later on.

Kate: Thanks a lot Mark.

Mark: Don’t mention it. And here is the list of topics which were covered last week.

Kate: Thank you so much. You’re a great friend.

Thanking a Co-worker

Kate: Hey Shawn, can I ask you for a favor?

Shawn: Sure Kate, what is it?

Kate: I have to finish this report but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it on time.

Shawn: Don’t worry. I’ll help you out.

Kate: Thanks, Shawn.

Shawn: No sweat. You helped me last month so I’m returning the favor now.

Kate: Thanks a lot. You’re a lifesaver.

Shawn: You’re welcome.

Showing Appreciation

Mark: Hello Nathan. Can I talk to Mary?

Nathan: Hello Mark. Mary told me how you helped her out the other day.

Mark: Oh! It was nothing, man. I am glad I could help.

Nathan: But thank you very much. You took a lot of pressure off her.

Mark: You’re welcome. But it really wasn’t such a big deal.

Nathan: You should join us for lunch this weekend.

Mark: Thank you for inviting me. Of course I'll come.

Thanking for an Invitation

Shawn: Nathan, I gotta go now.

Nathan: But the party’s just started, Shawn.

Shawn: I know. But I have to get up very early tomorrow. Thanks a lot for this amazing party.

Nathan: You’re welcome. I may throw another one next week.

Shawn: That would be great. Your parties are famous all around the campus.

Nathan: Make sure you are free next Sunday.

Shawn: I will. Thanks again, man. See you tomorrow.

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