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In this lesson, we’ll see common words and phrases you can use to describe yourself.

Describing Your Physical Appearance

Sammy: Hey Bill. Sammy here.

Bill: Hey Sammy. What’s up?

Sammy: I heard that you joined the Army. I’m thinking about doing it too. I know there are specific qualifications I must meet, right?

Bill: Sure. How old are you?

Sammy: I’m 24.

Bill: How tall are you?

Sammy: I’m 6’11’’ tall.

Bill: That’s nice. Do you have a degree?

Sammy: I have a master’s degree.

Bill: That’s very good. We’ll mail you everything else you need to know.

Sammy: Thanks a lot, man.

Describing Your Marital Status

Jenny: Hey Sammy. Long time, no see. How are you doing?

Sammy: I’m doing fine, Jenny. What about you?

Jenny: Well, I got married last month. So my world’s pink right now!

Sammy : Wow, that’s awesome. Congratulations!

Jenny: Thanks! What about you? Did you find yourself a nice girl?

Sammy: Nah! I’m still single. I’m not ready to tie the knot.

Jenny: That sounds just like you. Don’t worry, you will find the one soon.

Sammy: It’s okay. I’m in no hurry.

Talking About Your Nationality

Peter: Hello, may I speak to Sammy Cullen, please?

Sammy: This is Sammy. Who’s this?

Peter: My name’s Peter. Bill gave me your number. He told me that you want to join the Army. Where are you from?

Sammy: I’m American from New York.

Peter: And where do you live?

Sammy : Well, I’m currently living in New York. But I spent my whole life in Washington. My dad worked for the Government.

Peter: I see. You should be getting an e-mail from us later today. Please proceed according to the instructions in it.

Sammy: I will. Thank you.

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