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In this lesson, we will talk about the use of ‘might’.


Marc: Might is most commonly used to express possibilities. We use it when we want to express a weak degree of certainty.

Luke: I might take my dream trip to Europe.

Marc: Okay, Luke. You are suggesting there’s a good chance you won’t go. You don’t believe too much that it’s possible for you to go.

Luke: Yes, I think it’ll be difficult. I might have to choose another dream.

Marc: You don’t really mean it! That’s why you used ‘might’. You know we should never give up on our dreams.

Luke: You might want to go with me.

Marc: Excellent use of ‘might’, Luke. You are saying there’s a remote chance I join you, that’s why you used ‘might’.

Luke: I have a doubt, Marc. Is it okay to say: Might I borrow some money?

Marc: Well, this is very polite and formal. Nobody talks like that. If you want to make polite requests, just use ‘can’, ‘may’ or ‘could’ instead.

Luke: Oh, I see. It might be a good idea to note all that down.

Marc: Yes, Marc. Once more you used ‘might’ correctly. You want to say that ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’ it’s a good idea to take notes.

Luke: Yes, that’s right. I might not have a pen with me though.

Marc: Well done, Luke. Now you’ve just used the negative form “might not’. It’s a weak possibility since you are always writing things down all the time.

Let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation 1

Kevin: What are you plans for the weekend?

Zoey: I might be going to the mall with my friends. What about you?

Kevin: My cousins and I have planned to go for a movie. Do you wanna join us?

Zoey: I might come with you, if there is any change in plans.

Kevin: Okay, just let me know by tonight. I’ll buy the tickets online for us.

Conversation 2

Nelly: What are you cooking for dinner today?

Richard: I’m trying something new.

Nelly: Last time you tried something new, it didn’t work out that well.

Richard: You might want to show some more confidence in me, honey.

Nelly: Hmm...you might be right.

Richard: And you might discover I have great cooking skills after all.

Nelly: Yeap, it’s a remote possibility. You got that right.

Richard: Gee..I love you too, Nelly.

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