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In this lesson, we will discuss the correct usage of ‘there’.


Perry: ‘There’ in English language is used to refer to a place, whether concrete or more abstract. For example:

Leena: The science textbooks are over there on the floor.

Perry: In this example, the speaker is telling someone about the location of the books.

Leena: Stop right there.

Perry: In this sentence, the speaker is commanding someone to stop and not proceed any further.

Leena: Do you want to sit here or there?

Perry: The speaker is asking a person about his/her preference. The person is asked to choose between two places: a nearer one and a more distant one.

Leena: That guy there seems to be in trouble.

Perry: The speaker is talking about a guy who is far from her present location. Now let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation 1

Keith: Your family lives in India right?

Kishan: Yes. That’s right. Why do you ask?

Keith: I’ve heard of a place there. One which is completely painted in pink. Is that true?

Kishan: Yes. It’s a very famous place known as Pink City.

Keith: Where is it located?

Kishan: It’s in Rajasthan. Shops, houses and even streets! In there everything is painted in light pink.

Conversation 2

Carl: There you are, Ann. I’ve been looking for you everywhere!

Ann: What happened? What’s the hurry?

Carl: There is this dance competition taking place next week. I want you there with me as my partner.

Ann: You do? I’m honored. When are the auditions?

Carl: Today itself at the auditorium. We should get there as fast as we can.

Ann: Are you kidding me? What are we going to do there? We are not even prepared.

Carl: Trust me. When we get there, we’ll figure something out. Now let’s go.

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