A Jungle Safari - Traveling English Lesson

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In this lesson, we will see some words and phrases you can use when talking about a jungle safari.

Telling a Friend About the Trip

Trish: Hey Stephanie, I need some help. Are you free this weekend?

Stephanie: Oh! Didn’t I tell you? I’m going on a jungle safari with Mark.

Trish: What?! That is so cool! Where are you traveling to? Africa?

Stephanie: Yeah! We are going to the Mundulea Reserve in Namibia. I’m really anxious.

Trish: I can imagine. Even I always wanted to go on a jungle safari.

Stephanie: I have never even been to a zoo! And now I’m going to observe animals in their habitat. Zebras, lions, antelopes, rhinos...Gosh... It’ll be thrilling!

Trish: I’m sure it will. Have a great trip and tell me all about it when you come back.

During the Jungle Safari

Stephanie: Mark, I’m really scared.

Mark: What? This is so exciting. Why are you scared?

Stephanie: Why?! What if a lion attacks our jeep or something?

Mark: Oh, c’mon! Stop being such a kid. We are on a jungle safari for tourists. Nothing is attacking us.

Stephanie: But what if it does?

Mark: Well, don’t forget we are in a jeep which was prepared for the tour. There are push bars all around it. The guide is also here for our safety.

Stephanie: Are you sure we are safe?

Mark: Yes Stephanie, I am.

Telling a Friend What You Saw

Mark: Hey Jack, how’s everything?

Jack: I’m great. Where have you been?

Mark: Well, Stephanie and I went on a jungle safari. It was so exciting.

Jack: Really? What did you see out there?

Mark: We saw a lot of wild animals. There were many antelopes and zebras.

Jack: Did you see a tiger or a lion?

Mark: No, we did not. It was better this way though.

Jack: Why’s that, man? Tigers are beautiful! I think it would’ve been great to see one.

Mark: Stephanie was really scared. I think she would have freaked out.

Jack: Poor girl. Truth is I don’t know if I can blame her. I think I’d rather see one at the zoo.

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