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In this lesson, we will see some phrases and words you can use to complain about someone.

Complaining about your teacher

Katy: Hey, what happened? You look upset today.

Anny: Actually I am a little worried.

Katy: What is it?

Anny: I haven’t been feeling very well lately so I couldn’t study much.Tests are near and I’m afraid I might flunk.

Katy: Well, perhaps you should talk to Professor Dean. Maybe he can let you take the tests a little later.

Anny: I tried that already and he didn’t let me. How can he be like that? After all I’m just human. I get sick. It happens.

Katy: Yeah, go talk to him again, Anny. He may reconsider.

Complaining about your boyfriend

Katy: I’m so stressed out right now I can barely breathe!

Luna: Gosh, calm down, Katy. What’s going on?

Katy: It’s Eric. I can’t stand him anymore.

Luna: What did he do?

Katy: He promised he’d meet me today and called it off at the last minute.

Luna: Who knows? Maybe something urgent came up. I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

Katy: You don’t get it.This is not the first time. He always does that and never even bother to apologize!

Complaining about your wife

Eric: Jack! I’m fed up with my wife, man.

Jack: What is it this time ?

Eric: She’s always cribbing about one thing or another. She’s always saying I don’t have time for her.

Jack: Buddy, why don’t you just take her out to a nice place from time to time?

Eric: That’s the thing. Every time I try, she tells me she has other plans. I don’t get her at all. Women are just too complicated.

Jack: I guess you are right. I love my wife but sometimes I kindda hate her too.

Eric: Tell me about it!

Complaining about your boss

Katy: What happened, girl? Why such a troubled expression?

Luna: I don't know why Mr. Webster is always shouting at me.

Katy: Did something happen at the office?

Luna: Yes. He started shouting at me in front of everyone. I know he’s my boss. But that doesn’t give him the right to humiliate me.

Katy: You know what? You should tell him that such behaviour is unacceptable.

Luna: I can try but he never listens to me.

Katy: Tell him anyways! I guess some bosses are just mean for no reason.

Luna: And I believe I need another job!

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