Talk over, Take down, Put out, Sneak up on - Phrasal Verbs Lesson

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In this lesson we will study these common expressions: talk over, take down, put out, and sneak up on.

Talk over

Talk over is a phrase used to ask someone to discuss a matter or the situation.

Luna: Eric, what happened? Why do you seem so low today?

Eric: I had a fight with Daisy last night.

Luna: Oh. That’s really sad. You guys should try to talk it over.

Eric: Yes, I’ve been trying to call her since morning but she is not picking up.

Luna: Come to my house this evening and we can talk it over. I’ll invite Daisy too.

Take down

Take down is commonly used in the sense of lowering one’s arrogance or self-esteem.

Karen: Hey, did you hear what happened to Stan?

Luna: No, I did not. Is he okay?

Karen: Not exactly. He used to say he would take the new manager down. But truth is he was the one who got fired.

Luna: Oh, I told him many times. This manager won’t be taken down easily.

Karen: Yes, I know. But he’s so arrogant. I hope someone really takes him down one day.

Luna: Yeah, so do I.

Put out

Put out is to extinguish something.

Eric: Hey Karen, are we going inside this building?

Karen: Yes, Eric. I have some work here. I’m afraid you will have to put out your cigarette. Smoking inside is not allowed.

Eric: I think you should go alone. I’ll wait for you outside.

Karen: Why don’t you want to come inside?

Eric: I don’t want to put my cigarette out. You go on and I’ll just wait here.

Karen: You are unbelievable!

Sneak up on

Sneak up on somebody is to approach someone or something quietly.

Karen: Do not sneak up on me like that. I just don’t like it.

Eric: What are you saying? I don’t sneak up on people.

Karen: Don’t try to make a fool out of me. I know you were sneaking on me. You thought I wouldn’t see it but you forgot about that mirror over there!

Eric: Okay, you got me, I confess. I’m sorry.

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