How to Ask for Contact Details - Beginner English Lesson

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In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use to ask for someone’s contact details.

Informal Situation

Kate: It was nice meeting you, Johnson.

Johnson: Same here, Kate. I had a nice time talking to you.

Kate: Can I get your number? This way we can keep in touch.

Johnson: I’m sorry. My phone’s not working. I can give you my e-mail.

Kate: Sure. That would be fine.

Johnson: It’s johnny25@gmail.com.

Kate: Thanks, Johnson. I’ll mail you soon.

Getting Someone’s Facebook or Skype ID

Kate: I really had a great time.

Mike: Same here, Kate.

Kate: Are you on Facebook or Skype?

Mike: Yeah, I am.

Kate: Should I add you?

Mike: Sure, Kate. You can add me on both. That was a good idea.

Kate: What’s your username?

Mike: It’s johnson09.

Kate: Okay, I’ll do it as soon as I get home.

Formal Situation

Kate: This has been a quite successful event, don’t you think?

Mike: Absolutely. I could see people having a good time.

Kate: Thank you, Mr. Cullen.

Mike: I mean it. This one was very well planned. Congratulations.

Kate: I can’t take all the credit. I had help. The party planner I hired is really good.

Mike: Would you mind giving me her number?

Kate: No, not at all. I’ll mail it to you first thing in the morning.

Mike: Thank you.

Kate: You’re welcome.

Confirming Someone’s Contact Information

Johnson: Good morning. May I speak to Ms. Jeena Cullen, please?

Mike: She’s not here right now. Can I take a message?

Johnson: The thing is I have a delivery for her and I just need to confirm her address.

Mike: This is her husband speaking. Where are you calling from?

Johnson: I’m calling from virtualmall.com, Sir.

Mike: Oh, okay. We’ve been expecting that. It’s 538 Riverview Road, Sacramento - CA.

Johnson: All right. Your purchase will be shipped this afternoon. Thank you for buying with us.

Mike: Thank you for calling.

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