Catch up, Check out, Take off, Try on - Phrasal Verb Lesson

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In this lesson we’ll study these common expressions: catch up, check out, take off, and try on.

Catch Up

Catch up is a phrase that can be used when a person wants to bring another up to date.


Harry: Robert, where have you been, man?

Robert: I’ve just been busy with work. You know these corporates, they wanna cash out every breath you take.

Harry: Hmmm... I understand. Anyways, it’s been long since we met. We should catch up soon.

Robert: Yeah, I was thinking the same. Let’s catch up this weekend. I’ll let the guys know and we’ll have fun together.

Check Out

Check out is a very common phrase often used when we look at something or someone informally.


Robert: Hey, Sam. What’s the matter dude?

Sam: Nothing much. I was just checking out that crazy guy’s hairstyle.

Robert: Oh, yeah. He has weird hair.

Sam: Yup. It takes a lot of guts to try such a hairstyle.

Robert: Forget the guy. Check out that girl over there!

Sam: She is gorgeous!

Take Off

Take off is a phrase that can be used to express the idea of removing something.


Russell: Why don’t you take off your overcoat? The temperature is moderate inside.

Anny: I just came in and feel terribly cold. I’ll take it off in a while.

Russell: Okay, no problem. When you take it off, you can place it over there.

Anny: Alright. Thanks.

Try On

Try on is a phrase which can be used when you put an item of clothing on, in order to find out whether it fits you or whether you like it, especially before buying it.


Anny: Hey, this is such a nice dress.

Rose: I know, Anny. Sadly, its not my size.

Anny: Didn't you try it on before buying?

Rose: No, I just picked it up randomly. I did not bother to try it on.

Anny: You should always try on clothes before buying them. This is such a waste of money.

Rose: You’re right. Next time I shop for clothes, I’ll try it all on.

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