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In this lesson, we will see words and phrases we can use to talk about our favorite actors.

Asking a Friend About Her Favorite Actor

Jack: Hey, Kim. How are you?

Kim: I’m good, Jack. What are you up to?

Jack: I’ve been asked to do a survey about the popularity of movie actors.

Kim: Oh, that’s interesting. Can I help you in any way?

Jack: Just tell me. Who’s your favorite actor and why do you like him?

Kim: Well, I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I am a huge fan.

Jack: Why do you like him so much? His looks?

Kim: Yeah! But not only that. He’s very talented and versatile. I like his acting choices.

Jack: Alright. That was great. Thank you, Kim.

Discussing Your Favorite Actor With a Friend

Jack: Hey, Paula. What are you doing?

Paula: I’m watching a movie: “Speed.” Have you seen it?

Jack: Oh, Sandra! Of course I have!

Paula: You sounded like a real fan.

Jack: Sandra’s my favorite actress. I love her movies.

Paula: What do you like so much about her?

Jack: I think she’s beautiful and smart. I even love her interviews.

Paula: Is that so?

Jack: Yup. All her answers show me how special she is.

Paula: I can see you adore her! Well...I just like her movies.

Talking About the Actor You Look up To

Kim: You know what, Jack? I watched “Inception” last night.

Jack: That’s a great movie. Did you like it?

Kim: I loved it. Leonardo is just awesome.

Jack: Yeah! He is, isn’t he? I like him very much too.

Kim: I know. What is it about him that you like the most?

Jack: He is always so confident and spontaneous. I wanna be like him.

Kim: I see. But according to the news, he also seems to be a little moody.

Jack: Which big Hollywood star isn’t?

Kim: I guess you’re right.

Defending Your Opinion

Kim : Hey, Paula. What are you doing?

Paula : I’m watching a movie.

Kim : Nice. Which movie?

Paula : “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Kim : Do you like Christian Bale? I just can’t stand him on screen.

Paula : Why is that? In my opinion he’s a good actor.

Kim : I don’t know. I think he is overrated.

Paula : I’m sorry but I disagree. I think he’s great.

Kim : C’mon. There are many actors who are better than him. Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Tom cruise. Bale just acts real bad.

Paula : Well, say what you want. I still like Bale.

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