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In this lesson, we will see some phrases that may be used when we talk about religion.

Talking About Different Religions

Gary: Hello, Penny. How are you?

Penny: I’m fine, Gary. What are you doing?

Gary: I have to write an essay on different religions in the world. Can you help me out?

Penny: I’m not very religious. But I can try.

Gary: Your family is from India. Which religions are followed there?

Penny: I believe Hinduism is the most common religion in India, Gary. But other ones are also followed: Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism...

Gary: Yeah, I think there’s probably more religious diversity in India than anywhere else. I’d like to hear your opinion on some of these religions and their rituals. Would you mind?

Penny: Not at all. How about meeting at the cafeteria after school?

Gary: Alright. I’ll meet you at 4.

Expressing Your Religious Beliefs

Fred: Hi, Gary. How have you been?

Gary: I’m good, Fred. Just a little tied up with this Essay Project.

Fred: Yeah. Penny told me that you’ve been researching a lot about religions.

Gary: That’s right. I wanted to come up with something different this time.

Fred: Do you really believe in God?

Gary: I never took it seriously. But after everything I read, I realized there’s a lot to grasp. I think I believe in God but not in the concept of religions.

Fred. My dad says the same thing.

Gary: I guess there’s no harm in having some faith. If I believe in God, it shouldn’t matter much which religion I follow. The way I see it, all religions lead to God.

Talking About What Religions Have In Common

Fred: Hello there, Gary. What about that project of yours?

Gary: Yes, Fred. I wrote an essay explaining different religions in the world.

Fred: There is a lot of religions in the world. How many of them did you cover?

Gary: There was a lot to cover indeed. I included ten of the major religions.

Fred: So what did you learn from it?

Gary: Actually, I learned a lot. There are different mindsets and ideologies.

Fred: I see. But what do religions have in common?

Gary: Well...they all focus on the idea of peace and harmony. I guess this is their common ground.

Fred: I’m sure your essay will be enlightening.

Gary: Thanks man!

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