Call off, Fill up, Hang up, Hold up - Phrasal Verb Lesson

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In this lesson we will study the following phrasal verbs: call off, fill up, hang up and hold up.

Call off

Call off is a phrase that is often used when you want to cancel or postpone something.

Kate: Hey, Jack. What are you doing?

Jack: Nothing much. Just wrapping up some work and I’ll call the day off.

Kate: Oh. Good thing you’re not too busy. I thought about picking you up now.

Jack: But you asked me to call off our movie plans as you had a meeting.

Kate: I had a meeting but the client called it off so I can make it to the movies now.

Jack: Excellent news. Give 20 minutes and I’ll be downstairs.

Fill up

Fill up is commonly used to express that something is completely filled to its capacity.

Pauline: John, why don’t you take another shopping cart?

John: I don’t think so. We don’t need another one unless you’re planning to fill this one up.

Pauline: I’m actually planning to fill it up with dry goods. I want another one for vegetables and fruits.

John: That makes sense. I’ll be right back with two other carts.

Pauline: One more is enough, John.

John: No, it’s not. I just remembered the boys are coming over tonight. I’ll fill one up with beer and snacks.

Hang up

Hang up is a phrase used to put something on a hook or receiver.

Kate: I called Sam but he hung up on me. He didn't even listen to what I had to say. Why would he hang up like that?

Paul: Did you people have a fight?

Kate: Not exactly. Just a small argument.

Paul: Maybe he just couldn’t talk and that’s why he hung up.

Kate: I hate guys who hang up without saying anything first.

Hold up

Hold up is a phrase which can be used to express obstruction or the delay of something.

Paul: Jack, where are you? I had to reschedule the meeting because of you.

Jack: I’m sorry, Paul. I got hold up in traffic. It’ll take some time.

Paul: That’s great! Can you please just let me know next time? That way I won't have to hold up our plans because of you.

Jack: I’m awfully sorry. I thought I would make it.

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