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In this lesson, we will learn what to say when discussing TV shows.

Talking About Your Favorite Show

Jack: Hello, Paula. How are you?

Paula: I’m good, Jack. And you?

Jack: I’m doing great. Hey, did you watch So You Think You Can Dance last night?

Paula: No, I couldn’t. I was busy. Was it interesting?

Jack: It was fantastic! The Brazilian couple gave quite a performance. You should’ve seen it!

Paula: Sounds like I should! Which style did they choose this time?

Jack: Contemporary. They were flawless and smooth. The judges and the audience gave them a standing ovation when they were done.

Paula: I’m such a big fan of this show. I don't believe I missed it.

Checking If Your Friend Has a Favorite Show

Jack: Hey, Eric. Good to see you. Please, come in.

Eric: Thanks, man. I was nearby so I thought about dropping by. Were you busy?

Jack: Nah! I was looking for something to watch on TV but nothing caught my attention.

Eric: I see. Do you have a favorite show?

Jack: Yes, nowadays it’s So You Think You Can Dance. Do you watch it?

Eric: No, not really.

Jack: You should. It’s awesome.

Eric: I like American Idol. I’m a huge fan.

Jack: I like it too. But sometimes the judges are too mean!

Eric: That’s what it makes even more interesting in my opinion.

Getting Information About a Show

Eric: What are you watching, Paula?

Paula: Right now nothing important but my favorite show is about to start.

Eric: Which one is it? Friends?

Paula: No! It’s How I Met Your Mother! Have you heard about it?

Eric: Who hasn't? It’s my favorite sitcom too.

Paula: Yeah. It’s the coolest one these days. I never miss a single episode.

Eric: I can’t say the same. But I watch it every time I can. Do you know that it’s been nominated for 24 Emmy Awards?

Paula: I did not! Did they win any?

Eric: They won 06! I may miss some episodes but I never miss an Emmy Awards Ceremony!

Talking About A Season Finale

Paula: Come on Joane, hurry up or we'll be late.

Joane: Just a sec, Paula. I’m getting my car keys. What's the hurry anyway?

Paula: What do you mean, what's the hurry? Do you know what day it is?

Joane: Err...Thursday?

Paula: Wrong! It’s Once Upon a Time season finale!

Joane: It is what?!

Paula: A season finale is the final episode of the season! If we don’t hurry, I’ll miss it! Please, please, let’s go!

Joane: Alrite, alrite. Just get in the car.

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