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In this lesson, we will see some phrases and words that can be used when we talk about pets.

When Your Pet is Sick

Shawn: Hi, Max. I need your help with something.

Max: Sure Shawn. What is it?

Shawn: I recently bought a dog. I think he has a fever. You have a dog for years so I thought you could give me some guidance.

Max: Well...Which symptoms did you notice?

Shawn: He’s been vomiting and coughing. He has also lost his appetite.

Max: Oh! You should put some cool water to his fur, especially around his ears and feet. That will help bringing the temperature down. But it’s important to take him to the vet soon.

Shawn: Yeah I know. I have an appointment for the evening. I just wanted him to feel comfortable till then. Thanks Max.

Deciding Which Pet to Buy

Jimmy: Hey Max. I need some advice.

Max: What’s going on, Jimmy? Tell me.

Jimmy: I want to buy a pet. And I don’t know if I should buy a dog or a rabbit. Can you help me out?

Max: I believe dogs demand a lot of time and care. Rabbits demand less from you. You can keep them in a cage. But you have to take care of their diet.

Jimmy: I’ve heard that they litter a lot.

Max: Yes, they do.. But they can be easily trained about that.

Jimmy: Oh! Do you know any pet store where I can buy them?

Max: Yup. There’s one on George Street.

Jimmy: Thanks Max. I think I will buy a pair of rabbits this weekend.

Looking For a Vet

Jimmy: Hey Katy. I need your help with something.

Katy: Sure Jimmy. What is it?

Jimmy: I bought a rabbit last week. I want to take him to a good vet for some vaccinations and other stuff. Do you know someone?

Katy: Yeah. There’s one on George Street near the pet store.

Jimmy: Do they treat rabbits as well? I’m a bit worried ‘cause I heard most vets are only good with dogs and cats.

Katy: A friend of mine had a rabbit too. She used to take it to this vet. He’s a good one. Trust me.

Jimmy: Ok. Thanks a lot, Katy. I’ll make an appointment soon.

Cats and Dogs

Katy: Hi there, Shawn. How are you doing?

Shawn: Hey, Katy. I’m doing great, thanks. And you?

Katy: I’m fine too. But I’m in a hurry. I have to get to the pet store before it closes. I need to buy some cat food.

Shawn: What a coincidence. I’m going there too.

Katy: You are? I didn’t know you had a pet.

Shawn: But I do now. His name is Mojo. He’s a German Shepherd.

Katy: Gosh, they are huge. I would never have a dog. I think they are too needy.

Shawn: Yes, you are such a cat person.

Katy: And I never thought you were a dog one!

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