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In this lesson, we will see phrases and words we may use when buying furniture.

Consulting an Interior Designer

Pauline: Hello Tracy.

Tracy: Hello Pauline. I came as soon as I could. What’s the hurry?

Pauline: Thank you. You see, I have to buy a new bed and since you’re a pretty good interior designer, I wanted to get your opinion.

Tracy: Okay but tell me, what do you have in mind?

Pauline: I want to know if I should get a high back bed or a low one.

Tracy: The back wall of your bedroom is plain, I think you should go for a high back bed.

Pauline: Won’t it look overdone?

Tracy: Definitely not! The other furniture in your room is straight and light so it will fit right in.

Pauline: That’s right! Thank you for your help Tracy.

Tracy: Pleasure Pauline!

Buying a Sofa

Pauline: I need to buy a low height sofa. Can you help me with it?

Robert: Sure. I’ll show you some of our 3-seat ones.

Pauline: I’d prefer an L-shaped six seater sofa.

Robert: Oh, okay. You can look at our catalogue for designs.

Pauline: Do you provide the customization option?

Robert: Yes we do. You can select any design you like from our catalogue and we will make it according to your requirement.

Pauline: I like this design here. But I want you to make it in leatherette.

Robert: Sure. When can I send someone to measure the space in your room?

Pauline: How about Sunday?

Robert: Sure. Thank you.

Choosing a Mattress

Pauline: Hi! I want to buy a mattress. Can you guide me?

Robert: Sure. What is the size of your bed?

Pauline: It’s a king size bed.

Robert: What kind of mattress do you want to buy?

Pauline: Something quite comfy, but it should support my back.

Robert: Alright. This section displays all kinds of double comforter king size mattresses. You can check them and choose the one you like.

Pauline: What is the price range of these mattresses?

Robert: They are from $150 to $300.

Pauline: Is there any guarantee on them?

Robert: Yes. The guarantee period differs from brand to brand. You can get up to 7 years guarantee on most brands.

Pauline: Alright. Thanks for your help. I will come back with my husband on the weekend.

Robert: Sure. You are always welcome.

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