Ordering Coffee - Learn to speak fluent English at a cafe

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In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are ordering coffee at a cafe.

Ordering Coffee

Rebecca : Hello. I would like a cup of coffee, please.

Edward : Which size?

Rebecca : A large cup.

Edward : Any particular flavor?

Rebecca : A hazelnut coffee. Is whipped cream extra?

Edward : No, the same price. Is that all?

Rebecca : Yes, that’s it. Thanks.

Do you want to go to Starbucks?

Rebecca : Do you want to go to Starbucks?

Edward : I do not drink coffee. Do they have other things?

Rebecca : Of course! They have tea, water, hot chocolate and pastries.

Edward : That sounds great. I’m going to get a scone and green tea.

Rebecca : Delicious!

A small cup of coffee

Edward : Hi, how may I help you?

Rebecca : I usually get a large coffee but would like something lighter today. What do you have?

Edward : You could get any small coffee, a cappuccino or shot of espresso.

Rebecca : I think I will try the small cappuccino. What flavors do you have?

Edward : We have over 10 flavors. Would you like to try our new Christmas flavor of peppermint?

Rebecca : Sure, that sounds tasty.

I want a pastry

Edward : Hello. Can I have a Cappuccino please?

Rebecca : Sure sir. Would you like the large mug?

Edward : No the medium sized one is fine.

Rebecca : Alright. Do you want anything to eat?

Edward : Mmm... What about this chocolate pastry. Is it fresh?

Rebecca : All our stocks are obtained the same day sir. We don’t keep them overnight.

Edward : Sounds good. I will have it then.

Rebecca : Excellent. That will be 12 dollars.

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