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In this lesson, we will learn the phrases and words you can use while talking about holidays and vacations.

Vacation Plans

Karen: Hey Garry. How are you?

Garry: I’m good Karen. Holidays are coming. What are your plans?

Karen: Well, I guess I’ll be going to Alabama this time. Its been years since I last went there.

Garry: That sounds cool. Will you be staying at a relative’s?

Karen: Yup. My grandma lives there. It’s been a long time since I saw her. I’m so excited!

Garry: Alabama is a nice place. How long do you plan to stay?

Karen: Maybe a couple of weeks.

Garry: I’m sure you’ll enjoy your vacation Karen.

Karen: Yeah, I sure hope so! Thanks!

Telling your friend about your trip

Karen: Hey Garry. How have you been?

Garry: I’m good Karen. How was your trip to Alabama?

Karen: Oh! I don’t know where to start. It was awesome! Alabama is such a beautiful place and I met my grandma after a very long time!

Garry: So tell me something about what you did there.

Karen: Oh sure! I visited some wine farms to see how they make wine. I also went to some wine bottling plants. In the evening, I would go on treks. I had an amazing time!

Garry: That is so cool. Did you try some wine too?

Karen: Yes, I tasted different types but I didn’t drink too much. My folks were around.

Garry: That’s really nice! I guess I should really go to Alabama someday!

Karen: Yes. You should do that Garry. You will definitely love the place.

Garry: Sure. Maybe next time you can tell me when you’re going and we’ll go together!

Telling your teacher about your vacation

Karen: Good Morning Mr. Perry.

Perry: Good Morning Karen. How are you?

Karen: I’m fine, thank you.

Perry: So, tell me, how did you spend your summer vacation?

Karen: I visited my grandma in Alabama.

Perry: How long did you stay?

Karen: I stayed there for two weeks.

Perry: That sounds good. Some of my friends live there. It’s a nice place.

Karen: Yes it is. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s so calm and beautiful.

Perry: Yeah, I know. It seems you had a good time.

Karen: Yes Mr. Perry. I really enjoyed my holidays.

Talking to a Travel agent

Garry: Hi! I’m planning a trip and I need some information.

Charlie: Sure Sir! Do you have a destination in mind?

Garry: My friend just came back from Alabama. Will it be a good choice ?

Charlie: It’s a great choice around this time of the year. We have economical packages which include airfare, accommodation and meals.

Garry: Nah! I just need the air-tickets. I’ve found a place to stay from airbnb.com

Charlie: Sure. No problem! When do you plan to go?

Garry: Do you have any good deals for next week?

Charlie: Yep! I could find you a great deal on one of the no-frill airlines.

Garry: Fantastic! Please do that.

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