Grooming Yourself English Lesson - Getting a haircut, salon visit, etc.

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Here are some phrases and words you can use when you get yourself groomed.

At a barbershop

Jason: Hi Albert. How are are you?

Albert: Hey Jason. I’m fine. Please have a seat.

Jason: Thanks. I need a shave.

Albert: Sure. A full shave as usual or do you want to try something new?

Jason: I think I’ll go for a French beard this time. What do you think?

Albert: I think it would look good on you. Should I use gel or cream?

Jason: Normal cream would be fine.

Albert: Okay. Just sit back and relax. It will only take five minutes.

Jason: Please take your time. I’m in no hurry.

At the hairdressers

Mary: Hi Albert. How have you been?

Albert: It’s all good Mary but I can’t say the same about your hair though. We gotta do something about that now!

Mary: Yeah, I know it’s been a while. It’s definitely time for a new haircut.

Albert: Do you have anything specific in mind?

Mary: Nah, nothing specific. But I want something different this time. I’m tired of my long hair. I wanna have short hair now. Would it look good on me?

Albert: Absolutely. It will enhance your beautiful eyes and you’ll even look younger. You can trust me on that.

Mary: Younger?! Oh, we must try that then.

Albert: Alright. I’m sure you’ll love it when it’s done!

Inviting your friend to join you

Mary: You know what, Jamie? Paul asked me to join him for dinner tonight.

Jamie: That’s nice Mary. So what are you wearing ?

Mary: I haven't decided anything yet. I think I’ll go to the beauty salon first.

Jamie: Yeah. Having your nails done is a must if you want to look your best.

Mary: Yes, absolutely! Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you join me? It would be fun. We can take the opportunity to chat a little longer and relax a bit.

Jamie: Well..I had plans to go there only next week but I won’t miss this opportunity! Going alone is never that much fun.

Mary: So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Asking for a specific hairstyle

Jason: Hi Albert. How have you been?

Albert: Hello Jason, welcome back. Please have a seat.

Jason: Albert, I have a party to attend in the evening. I want you to style my hair.

Albert: What kind of party is it ?

Jason: Its an office party. So consider it to be formal.

Albert: Have you already decided what you will be wearing?

Jason: Yup. I think I’ll wear a tuxedo.

Albert: Alright ! I’ll style your hair accordingly. Don’t worry. You’ll look great.

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