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In this lesson, we will show you some commonly used phrases during an interview.

Interviewing for a Sales Job

Paul: How are you today, Mr. Wagner?

Stephen: I’m fine Mr. Thompson. Thank you.

Paul: Mr. Wagner, how would you describe yourself?

Stephen: I am an enthusiastic and dedicated person who takes every responsibility seriously. I am hardworking, I adapt well to new situations and I am a team player.

Paul: Good. Tell me Mr. Wagner, why did you choose our company?

Stephen: Well, I believe that your organization is well established and it will give me an opportunity to grow as an employee.

Paul: Great. And how much experience do you have?

Stephen: Sir, I’ve been in sales for about 6 years now.

Paul: That’s interesting. I think I know enough now to put you in the second round. Our vice-president of Sales will be talking to you. Good luck Mr. Thompson.

Stephen: Thank you Mr. Wagner. I look forward to it.

Post Graduation Admission

Tracy: Hello. May I come in?

Jake: Yes, please. Come in. Have a seat.

Tracy: Thank you sir.

Jake: How are you?

Tracy: I’m fine.

Jake: So why don’t you tell me what brings you here?

Tracy: Well, I’ve just finished college and I got my degree in Fashion Retail which is something I love. So I thought it’d be best if my post graduation was also in the same field.

Jake: Well... your resumé tells me you’ve been quite dedicated towards fashion retail.

Tracy: Yes Sir, I have.

Jake: Okay...I’ll be straight to the point, Tracy. There are lots of applicants this year. You’ve got a pretty good chance but the competition is tough. Give me a reason why I should give you the seat.

Tracy: Well, I topped the batch in my last uni. You can ask my professor about my work there.

Jake: Hmm.. That’s interesting. Maybe I will. We are going to put out a list of selected candidates next week. Maybe you’ll be in it.

Tracy: Thank you, Sir.

Interview for the Visa

Stephen: How are you today, Mr. Sandler?

Tom: I’m fine. Thank you.

Stephen: I can see that you’ve applied for a business visa to Europe.

Tom: Yeah, that’s right.

Stephen: And what is your business exactly?

Tom: I’m an exporter of home furnishing items.

Stephen: What is the purpose of your visit? I mean..are there any specific business prospects?

Tom: I’m planning to set up an office in Brussels for my business in Europe. The purpose of this trip is to find office space and hire some people.

Stephen: Are you in touch with any importers in Europe?

Tom: Yes, I am. I’ve been working with a couple for more than a decade. I will also be meeting them during this trip.

Stephen: I see. That sounds good. I will go through the papers you’ve submitted and if everything is in order you’ll get your visa next week.

Tom: Thanks. Is that all?

Stephen: Yeah. That will be all for now.

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