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In this lesson we will discuss how you can ask about the health of an ill friend.

Calling to enquire about your friend’s health

Jack: Hello Ms. Tracy. Jack here.

Tracy: Hey Jack. How are you doing?

Jack: I am good Ms. Tracy. I just wanted to know if Tom’s feeling better now.

Tracy: Oh! Tom’s still not well. We took him to a doctor this morning.

Jack: What did the doctor say?

Tracy: Well, he asked for some tests. We’ll get the results tomorrow.

Jack: I hope its nothing serious.

Tracy: I am sure it’s not. The doctor told us not to worry. Thanks for your concern Jack.

Jack: No problems. I’ll call up tomorrow and find out how Tom is doing.

Telling your teacher about an ill friend

Jack: Good morning Ms. Pauline.

Pauline: Good morning Jack. How are you today?

Jack: I am good Ms. Pauline. Tom asked me to tell you that he won’t be coming to school for some days.

Pauline: Why? What happened?

Jack: Actually, Tom’s not well. I think he’s got a viral fever.

Pauline: Okay. No problem. Just ask him to bring a note from his mom when he joins back.

Jack: Sure. I’ll do that. Thank you Ms. Pauline.

Pauline: Tell him that I want him to get well soon.

Telling someone about your ill friend

Jack: Hey Sam. How are you man?

Sam: I’m good. Where’s Tom? I haven’t seen him for a few days.

Jack: Yeah I know. Tom hasn’t been feeling very well lately.

Sam: Oh! What happened? Nothing serious I hope.

Jack: Actually, that’s the thing. It is pretty serious. There’s an infection in his kidney and he’ll need surgery.

Sam: Oh ! That’s sad. Let’s visit him this afternoon.

Jack: Sure. It will make him feel better I guess.

Visiting an ill friend

Jack: Hey Tom. How are you feeling now?

Tom: I feel ok now Jack. Much better.

Jack: How did the surgery go?

Tom: Well, I am alive! It was scary but the doctor said I’m going to recover fast.

Jack: Do you know when you can start going to school again?

Tom: Maybe after a couple of weeks. My doc advised me to avoid public places for a while.

Jack: That’s great. Hope to see you soon. We all miss you man.

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