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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when talking about your credit card.

Asking for your statement

Frank: Citibank Cards, good afternoon.

Jason: Hello. My name is Jason Stewart.

Frank: Hello Mr. Stewart. You are talking to Frank. How can I help you?

Jason: I didn’t receive my credit card statement. Can you help me out with this ?

Frank: Okay. I’ll need your credit card number so that I can access your account.

Jason: Sure. Its 4323 5764 6354 6912.

Frank: Alright. I’ll also need to ask you a couple of verification questions.

Jason: Yes, no problem.

Frank: What’s the month of your birth?

Jason: January

Frank: And your mother’s first name?

Jason. Its Helen.

Frank: Perfect. Do you want it sent through email or regular mail?

Jason: I need that as soon as possible so please mail it to me.

Frank: Sure. Your credit card statement will be sent to you within 24 hours. Is there anything else I may help you with?

Jason: No. Thank you.

Discussing your debts with a friend

Jason: Hi Paul, how are you?

Paul: I’m good Jason but you look stressed out. What happened?

Jason: Man, I’ve just received my final credit card statement. Gosh, it’s ugly. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay all of it.

Paul: You should have used it carefully Jason. How much is it ?

Jason: Almost $3000!

Paul: Gee... that’s too much indeed!

Jason: I know. But it wasn’t me. It was my wife. She used it a lot when she traveled.

Paul: Well...It seems she bought everything she put her eyes on!

Jason: Tell me about it. Anyway, I’ll talk this through with the bank and see what can be done.

Paul: Good luck, man. You’ll need it.

Paying with your credit card

Jason: I’ve made up my mind already. I’m taking the blue one.

Kate: Great choice. Are you paying in cash as usual, Mr. Jason?

Jason: Actually Kate, I would like to pay through my credit card this time.

Kate: Sure, no problem.

Jason: Are there any specific banks you deal with or any bank would do?

Kate: We accept credit cards from all leading banks in the States and abroad.

Jason: In that case, I’m sure my Citibank one will do then, right?

Kate: Absolutely!

Paying online with your credit card

Jason: Hi Frank. I want to use my credit card online. Can you help me out with it ?

Frank: Sure Jason. When you click the credit card payment option, you will see a form asking for your credit card information. Type your credit card number and CVV number.

Jason: Okay. But what’s the CVV number ?

Frank: Its a 3-digit number given at the back of your card. Flip your card t and you’ll see it.

Jason: Yeah, I got it.

Frank: When you fill in the information, your bank will send a confirmation code to your cell phone. Use that code to authorize the payment.

Jason: Okay. Thanks a lot man. I’m sure I’d have messed this up if I had tried it on my own.

Frank: I’m glad I could help!

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