Bring up, Do over, Find out, Hand in - Learn Common English Phrases

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In this lesson we will study these common expressions: bring up, do over, find out and hand in.

Bring up

Bring up is a phrase that can be used to remind somebody of some incident or fact.


Marc : We’ll meet Monika today John so please do me a favor and don’t bring up her break-up with Tom.

John : Do you think I’m a fool Marc? I know she’s very upset about it. I won’t bring it up for sure.

Marc : Thank you. Gina and I were with her last week and Gina brought it up. Monika got very upset.

John : Gina has no tact. She doesn’t think before she speaks. I won’t make the same mistake.

Marc : Good Marc. Tell you what! You can bring up the results of our football match yesterday. She loves football.

John : Alright Marc.

Do over

Do over means to do something again, or to redo something.


Vinnie : This report is awful Marc . Did you actually study before writing it?

Marc : I am sorry sir, but I did study a lot. I used many references.

Vinnie : I don’t think so. You can’t finish your PhD with this kind of work. You’ll need to do it over again.

Marc : Do it over again? But I spent two weeks doing this.

Vinnie : It’s just not exhaustive enough. You need more research. I’ll need it done over and I can’t compromise with that.

Marc : Okay professor. I will do it over. You must give me an extension.

Vinnie : Sure, I understand. I will give you the entire month.

Find out

Find out is to discover some information which could be of hidden nature.


Martha : Ben! You are drunk again! You promised! Didn’t you think I’d find out?

Ben : Umm... Martha! I was out with the boys and they stopped at the pub. It was only a beer.

Martha : But you promised! You said you wouldn’t drink again when I found out about your drinking last week. You must keep your promises, Ben!

Ben : I always do! It was not my fault. There was so much peer pressure! I told my friends you would found out but they didn’t listen.

Martha : You have terrible friends Ben, they don’t care about you.

Ben: I found that out last night. They made me pay for the drinks too.

Hand in

Hand in is to give something, usually an assignment, a report or a task.


Frank : Mr. Ramen, did you hand in the research for my presentation?

Ramen : Yes sir, I handed it in this morning. It’s in your email, I am sure.

Frank : Oh thank you. I haven’t checked my mail all day long.

Ramen : No problems sir, you know I always hand in my task on time.

Frank : I do Mr. Ramen. I depend on you a lot. You can always be relied to hand in your work on time.

Ramen : Thank you sir. I value efficiency.

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