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In this lesson, we will tell you how to handle sales calls from different institutions.

Handling a Sales Call from a Bank

Jim: Hello.

Mike: Hello, am I speaking with Jim?

Jim: Yes, who’s this?

Mike: This is Mike, calling on behalf of Signature Bank. You have been our client for five years. Right, Jim?

Jim: That’s right. What is this about?

Mike: Well, we are offering a higher interest rate if you open a savings account with Signature Bank.

Jim: Nah, I am fine with my current status.

Mike: Are you sure Jim? This is a great opportunity.

Jim: Yeah, I’m sure. Thanks for calling though.

Mike: Thanks for your time.

Handling Calls from Insurance Companies

Mike: Hello Ma’am, I am calling from Coventry Health Care.

Nancy: Yes, how can I help you?

Mike: Well, we are offering health insurance with better premiums to valued customers.

Nancy: That’s great to hear. But I am satisfied with my current insurance.

Mike: I’m sure yours is a good one but we have medical centers all across the country and we also offer dental as well. Just give me two minutes so that I can explain the details.

Nancy: I’m really sorry but I have to go out. I’m already late.

Mike: No problem. Thanks for your time.

Handling a Call from a Credit Card Company

Jack: Am I speaking with Jim Novak?

Jim: Yes. This is Jim.

Jack: Jim, this is Jack from Bank of America. I have some good news.

Jim: Is that so? All right. I’m listening.

Jack: You have been banking with us for several years so you’ve been granted a credit card for your wife at no additional cost.

Jim: That’s great. So I’ll just have to pay for what I buy right?

Jack: That’s right, Mr. Novak.

Jim: Good to hear. My wife would love to have a credit card for herself.

Jack: Great. I’ll send someone over so that we can deal with the formalities.

Jim: Okay, let’s just schedule a day.

Handling Calls from Telephone Marketers

Nancy: Hello?

Mike: Hi Nancy. This is Mike from AT&T Incorporation.

Nancy: Yes, how can I help you?

Mike: Nancy you have been using our prepaid connection for a couple of years, right?

Nancy: Yeah, that’s right.

Mike: How would you like a post-paid connection that allows you to make free unlimited voice calls to 3 AT&T numbers?

Nancy: I would love that. But what’s the catch?

Mike: There’s no catch. There will be a monthly rental which you will have to pay, like any other post-paid connection.

Nancy: Fantastic. Sign me up.

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