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In this lesson we will learn the phrases you can use when buying a gift for a friend.

Asking for suggestions

Jason: Hey man, how are you doing ?

Lisa: Hey Jason, I’m good buddy. What’s going on ?

Jason: I could use some help. You see... I want to buy Jenny a birthday gift. Any suggestions?

Lisa: Sure, Jason. Why don’t you give her something that she’s crazy about? Like Jimmy Choo shoes or a designer handbag, for example.

Jason: That’s a great idea. It’ll cost me a lot but she deserves it!

Buying a gift at a store

Jason: Hello. I want to buy a gift for my friend. Can you help me out ?

Tom: Sure thing. Anything specific? I mean do you have something in mind ?

Jason: Yeah, I’m looking for something sleek and trendy. Something that would impress a college girl.

Tom: Oh, I see...Well...Handbags would be a good choice. Do you have a preferred color?

Jason: How about some girlie colors, like pink, red or maybe beige?

Tom: Sure. Just follow me. I’ll show you our best selling handbags.

Jason: Oh, that would be perfect! Let me just take a look at them closely.

Tom: Absolutely. Take your time.

Buying a gift online

Jason: Hey Lisa, what’s up?

Lisa: Not much Jason. You say.

Jason: Well...You buy almost everything online, right? Can you help me out ‘cause I have no idea how to do it?

Lisa: Oh, you’re definitely asking the right person. What exactly do you want to buy?

Jason: I want to give Jenny a Gucci bag. It’s her birthday this month. Are there any websites that offer discounts and special deals?

Lisa: For a Gucci?! The right place to shop online for that is at gucci.com!

Jason: Is that so? I hope I can find some good deals there then. Thanks Lisa.

Replacing a gift at a store.

Jason: Hey,man. I bought this bag last week but I would like to get it replaced.

Tom: No problem. I would just need the invoice or bill.

Jason: Yeah, sure. Here it is.

Tom: May I ask why you are exchanging it?

Jason: It was a gift to my friend but she didn’t like the color. I just want the same bag in a different color.

Tom: Sure. Which color do you want ?

Jason: Black would be fine.

Tom: Okay.We have it in stock. I’ll be right back.

Jason: Thanks a lot.

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