Greeting People - Common phrases and words you can use when you greet people

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In this lesson, we are going to learn how to greet people in English.

In the morning

Cindy : Good morning Laura.

Laura : Good morning Cindy. How are you?

Cindy : I am good Laura. How are you?

Laura : I am good too.

At any time

Cindy : Hello Laura.

Laura : Hello Cindy! What’s up?

Cindy : Nothing! What’s up with you?

Laura : Nothing here too.

Meeting friends

Cindy : Hey Laura! Hi!

Laura : Oh hello Cindy! How are you?

Cindy : I am good. What’s new?

Laura : Oh, I got a new job! Let me tell you about it.

In the afternoon

Laura : Good afternoon Cindy.

Cindy : Good afternoon Laura.

Laura : How have you been Cindy?

Cindy : I have been good. How are you Laura?

Laura : I am good too.

In the evening or night

Laura : Cindy! Good evening!

Cindy : Good evening Laura. What’s up?

Laura : Hey! What’s up Cindy?

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great..=D I'm learning again.=D Thanks.

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