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Here are some phrases and words you can use when you talk about buying a TV.

Asking the clerk about the latest models

Jack: Hi, how are you?

Nelson: I’m good sir. How can I help you today?

Jack: Well, I want to buy a 42-inch TV for my living room. What do you recommend?

Nelson: Let me take you around the store. I’ll show you the various models and the specs.

Jack: That will be great. Thank you!

Getting a friend’s opinion

Jack: Peter, I need a new TV, but there are so many options. I can’t decide!

Peter: I like the new range of Smart TVs from Samsung. They’ve got Android!

Jack: Really? That means they are almost as smart as a computer!

Peter: Yep, and there’s HDMI, support for USB movies, and lots of other stuff.

Jack: Well, I was planning to buy either Samsung or Toshiba. Do you know about the features of Toshiba?

Peter : Nope, I am sorry. I’ve got a Samsung TV that’s why I know about them. Maybe you should ask the vendor.

Jack : Alright, I will find out more about it.

Buying on EMIs

Jack: How much does this TV cost?

Nelson: It’s for $900. It’s a great TV for this price.

Jack: Maybe. But I can’t pay all that money in one go. Can I buy it in installments?

Nelson: Yeah, sure. But that will cost you about 2% more.

Jack: Hmm.. That’s not too much. How can I get it on EMIs?

Nelson: Well, you’ll need to pay 20% of the cost, and you can pay the rest in 3, 6 or 9 instalments as per your preference.

Jack: What about the interest?

Nelson: There’s no interest. We’ll just charge you 2% over the cost of the TV as processing fee.

Jack : That’s pretty good. Okay, I want to opt for 6 instalments.

Nelson : Excellent! Let me get the billing done.

Asking for a discount

Jack: Well, I was wondering if you can offer me a discount on this TV.

Nelson: A discount? We have it on sale right now. It’s already 20% down on the MRP.

Jack: I know, but it’s still too expensive. This is an old model and there are newer and better models available.

Nelson: Yes we know that. That’s why we offered 20% rebate on this, but if you pay us through cash we’ll give you a further 10%.

Jack : 10% is good, but I can only pay through credit card.

Nelson : Hmm.. That’s fine. I will give you the discount. I just want to make space for the new TVs we are bringing this week.

Jack : Alright, I will buy it.

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