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In this lesson we will study these common expressions: leave out, look over, look up and make up.

Leave out

Leave out can be used to omit something or someone from a certain situation.


Paul: Hey Jack, can you help me with this application form?

Jack: Sure. What is it about?

Paul: I’m applying for a new credit card. I want to be sure I didn’t leave anything out.

Jack: Let me see. You can leave out the fields which don’t have an asterisk against them. Just fill out carefully the ones marked.

Paul: Thanks, Jack.

Look over

Look over is a phrase used to ask people to examine or check the details carefully before taking any action.


Kate: Did you send someone to look over my property?

Jack: Yes! I sent a couple to look it over. They were interested in buying your house.

Kate: Alrite but you should have informed me before sending them to my place.

Jack: I’m so sorry, Kate. I got busy looking over some other issues and forgot to tell you.

Look up

Look up is to search for something or someone.


Adam: What are you looking up at, Kate?

Kate: I’m looking up for hotel accommodations.

Adam: I didn’t know you were traveling!

Kate: I’m planning a trip to California in the coming holidays.

Adam: Oh, that’s great. I have family there. I’ll give you their contact details. Once you’re there, just look them up. I’m sure they’ll love to show you around.

Kate: That would be fantastic, thank you!

Make up

Make up can be used as in telling a lie or inventing a story.


Kate: Where were you last night, Jack?

Jack: I went to Starbucks for a coffee with friends.

Kate: Jack, you forget that I know you. You’re just making that up!

Jack: Why would I bother to make that up?

Kate: Because you’ve made up stories in the past too. I think you’re addicted to it.

Jack: Oh, please. You’re the only one making things up here.

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