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In this lesson, we will talk about cellphones.

I need a new cell phone

Sam: I have been using this cell phone for more than a year. I think its time to replace it.

Jenny: Why do you want to buy a new phone? Is there some problem with this one?

Sam: Nah ! But this is a very basic phone. I really need to get my hands on a smartphone now. All my friends are using a smartphone these days.

Jenny: Alright. Which model do you plan to buy?

Sam: I think I will consult a few people before making the final choice.

Which Smartphone to buy

Sam: Hey Jane! I am planning to buy a new phone. I think I’ll buy a smartphone.

Jane: That’s a good thought Sam. Which one do you plan to buy?

Sam: I haven’t decided yet. Do you have any recommendations?

Jane: My brother recently bought an iPhone 5 and i think it’s really cool. You can buy that.

Sam: Oh yeah! Well, I am confused between iPhone and Android.

Jane: Try reading some reviews online before you decide.

Sam: Sure! That’s a good idea. I will check online.

Features of a phone

Sam: Hey Jenny, I have decided to buy the iPhone 5.

Jenny: Cool! What are the features?.

Sam: Well, it has a touch screen and an 8 megapixel camera.

Jenny: What does it look like?

Sam: Didn’t you check it out on the Internet? It’s the slimmest of all the iPhones yet.

Jenny: That sounds cool. I think the iPhone 5 is a good choice.

Getting apps for a phone

Sam: Jane your brother recently bought an iPhone right ?

Jane: Yes Sam! Why are you asking ?

Sam: Well, I wanted some help with the app store. How do I download apps to my iPhone ?

Jane: Sure Sam. Just visit Apple’s Apps Store and browse through the categories you wish to explore.

Sam: Hey that’s easy. Will I be charged?

Jane: Well some apps are free while you have to pay for some. It depends on what you are looking for.

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