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In this lesson we will discuss current affairs or what’s happening in the world right now.

What’s on the News

Jack: Hey Sam, did you check out what happened in Connecticut recently?

Sam: No Jack. I’ve been busy. I couldn’t keep track of the news.

Jack: Oh, but you must’ve heard about the shootout in Newtown last month. Pres Obama is taking some solid steps to reduce gun violence.

Sam: I’m glad our government is getting serious about that. Lunatics shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns!

Financial News

Sam: It’s been a long time since I watched the news. Do you know what’s happening on the NASDAQ?

Jenny: Well, you should keep yourself updated Sam. You have a lot of money in the stocks.

Sam: You’re right. I know I do. But I’ve been very busy lately.

Jenny: Well, there’s some good news for you. I know you put money in Citibank, and today’s bulletin says it’s up by 5%.

Sam: That’s great news Jenny! I think I will sell those shares and exit Citibank.

On the news

Jack: Hey Sam, let me tell you something good I saw on the news tonight.

Sam: Something good on the news? That’s a change! What is it?

Jack: Well, I heard that Polio is eradicated from the world. I think there are only a handful of new cases.

Sam: Yeah, I heard that! It’s an incredible thing. I think we should all thank Bill Gates.

Jack : Bill Gates? What for?

Sam : Well, I saw on the news that it was him who financed most of the polio vaccination drive in the world from his own fortune.

Jack : That’s an amazing thing Sam. I didn’t know that!

Discussing a documentary

Jenny: Jack, turn on the TV and go to CNN.

Jack: Why? Is there something important going on?

Jenny: Well nothing new, but there’s a documentary on Japan’s earthquake which talks about how the old people there volunteered to work in radioactive areas.

Jack: Really? They came up on their own to work on containing the leak?

Jenny: Yes. They helped contain it, and they checked the entire system while exposing themselves to radiation so that the young people don’t have to.

Jack: That’s amazing Jenny. Maybe that’s why Japan has done well.

Jenny: You are right, Jack. When people put the country’s interest before their own, progress is fast.

Jack: Yep! I just hope those guys are okay.

Jenny : Me too Jack.

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