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In this lesson, we’ll study these common expressions: count on and come across.

Count on Somebody

‘Count on’ is used when you want to tell someone that you are relying on him or her. It is also used when you want to ask someone if you can rely on him or her.

Julie: Hey Sam! Where have you been? I told you I needed your help for Friday’s exam.

Sam: I’m sorry, Julie. I got busy with some things at home.

Julie: What a lame excuse! I was counting on you.

Sam: I’m really sorry, Julie. I will make it up to you, I promise.

Julie: Can you teach me tomorrow?

Sam: Absolutely. You can count on me this time.

Julie: I was counting on you last time too.

Sam: I won’t let you down again.

Count on Something

Bill: I like this SUV but I need to be sure it’s a reliable one. My wife will be driving our kids to school in it.

Sam: You can count on this car. It’s been all checked recently. Our mechanics are top ones.

Bill: Can I count on this car to start every morning? Even during the Winter?

Sam: It’s important to take care of its maintenance. If you do it, you can count it will.

Bill: Okay. Let me just call my bank. I’m counting on a loan to help me go through with this deal.

Come Across

‘Come across’ means to agree or to be compliant.

Julie: Hi, Sam. How’s everything?

Sam: Hey, Julie. Not that good.

Julie: Why? What happened?

Sam: It’s Sarah. I need her to understand that as her father, I know what’s best for her.

Julie: Teenagers are difficult, I know. Just be patient. She’ll come across, you’ll see.

Sam: Yeah but how can I get her to come across?

Julie: Bear in mind she’s not a kid anymore. All you need is to talk to her. Go home and have a nice conversation with her. She’ll come across after that.

Sam: I hope you’re right.

Come Across Something

“Come across something” is used when a person is talking about something he/she found unexpectedly or without any prior notification.

Julie: Hey Bill. How was your Jungle Safari?

Bill: It was great, Julie. We came across so many animals.

Julie: Did you come across any lions?

Bill: Nah! The guide said we just missed it.

Julie: That’s bad. It would have been great to come across a lion.

Bill: I know. But we came across a leopard on our way back.

Julie: That’s so cool!

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