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In this lesson, we will learn when to use the simple present tense.


Roma: In Simple Present, the action is simply mentioned and there’s nothing being said about its completeness. It is used to talk about an action that happens on a regular basis. For example:

Fred: Philip gets up at 6 o'clock every morning.

Roma: This sentence expresses something about Philip’s routine. He doesn’t get up at 7. He gets up at 6 every day.

Fred: Kate speaks English very well.

Roma: In this example, we are talking about about permanent or long-lasting situations.

Fred: I don’t like horror movies. Do you?

Roma: The simple present is also used to state facts, express preferences or ask questions.

Fred: California is in the United States.

Roma: We use the simple present when expressing general truth, facts and scientific laws about a specific thing.

Fred: The train leaves in five minutes.

Roma: In this example, we are talking about a time table or travel plan that is already scheduled. In this sense, it expresses a future action.

Fred: In her new movie, Angelina plays a troubled woman.

Roma: We also use the simple present when retelling things that happen in books or movies. Great examples, Fred. Now let’s see some sample conversations.

Conversation 1

Annie: Thank you for coming. I just need to check some personal information.

Tsering: Sure, no problem.

Annie: Where are you from?

Tsering: I’m from Canada.

Annie: Do you live in San Francisco?

Tsering: Yes, I do.

Annie: What’s your address?

Tsering: I live at 145 Valencia Street.

Annie: Do you study?

Tsering: Yes, I do. I’m studying Literature.

Conversation 2

Barney: Breakfast is my favorite meal.

Charlie: Well, people say it’s also the most important one.

Barney: What time do you have breakfast?

Charlie: I usually eat my breakfast at 7:30.

Barney: And what do you have for breakfast?

Charlie: I have pancakes and coffee.

Barney: Pancakes? Wow! That sounds good.

Charlie: Yeah! But I’m too lazy to cook. I just go to a coffee shop near my place.

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