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In this lesson, we’ll study these common expressions: chip in and cut off.

Chip In

‘Chip in’ can be used when a person wants to add his own opinions or ideas into someone else’s conversation. It is basically used to contribute to a discussion.

Sam: Hey Bill. How are you?

Bill: I’m great Sam. What’s up?

Sam: Nothing much. We were just talking about how our Health system can be improved. Why don’t you chip in?

Bill: I would love to. But I’m really getting late.

Sam: C’mon man! We won’t take much of your time.

Bill: I’m sorry, Sam. I gotta go. But Julie’s coming. Why don’t you ask her to chip in?

‘Chip in’ can also mean to contribute with a small amount of money.

Sam: Did you know that Julie’s birthday is tomorrow?

Bill: I had no idea.

Sam: We’re throwing her a surprise party. Can you chip in some dollars on a gift for her?

Bill: Of course! She deserves a nice gift.

Sam: We are also planning on buying her some flowers.

Bill: Sure. Count on me to chip in on that too.

Cut Off

‘Cut off’ is often used in a conversation when the speaker is not interested or does not want to participate in something.

Bill: Hey Julie. Why are you in such a hurry?

Julie: Just cut it off, Bill. I don’t have time for this.

Bill: What?! Calm down. What happened?

Julie: We were having this stupid discussion about Health services. They were not listening to me at all. I asked them to cut it off so many times.

Bill : C’mon Julie. Take it easy. Why don’t you chill and have some water?

Julie : Leave me alone, Bill.

Bill: Now you cut it off, Julie. It was just a stupid discussion.

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