“Contact Us On” or “Contact Us At” – Which Is Correct

Marcus Froland

Do you know the difference between "contact us on" and "contact us at"?

Knowing which one to use is essential for businesses and organizations who want to communicate effectively with their audience.

In this article, we’ll explain the grammar difference between ‘on’ and ‘at’, when to use them, common misuses, how to choose between them, and provide examples of correct usage.

Get ready to increase your understanding!

Key Takeaways

  • ‘On’ is used for electronic or phone contact, while ‘At’ implies physical contact.
  • ‘On’ is used when contacting someone via email, while ‘At’ is used when visiting an office in person.
  • Use ‘on’ when providing a website URL, and use ‘at’ when providing a physical address.
  • Both ‘on’ and ‘at’ can be used when referring to someone’s personal name.

The Grammar Difference Between ‘On’ and ‘At’

You might be wondering what the difference is between ‘on’ and ‘at’ when talking about contacting someone. The usage of these two prepositions has to do with grammar rules.

‘On’ is used for contact that is done electronically or by phone, while ‘At’ implies physical contact.

For example, if you are trying to reach a customer service representative via email, you would say “contact us on [email address]”. However, if you want to visit the office in person, you should say “contact us at [address]”.

In addition to being grammatically correct, knowing which preposition to use can help make directions more clear for your audience so they know how best to get in touch with you.

When to Use ‘On’ and ‘At’

You’re likely wondering when to use ‘on’ and when to use ‘at’ in a contact phrase. Generally, if you are providing an online or digital contact method, such as an email address or website URL, then the correct preposition is ‘on’. If you are providing a physical address or location, such as a business office building or street corner, then the correct preposition is ‘at’.

Here are some examples:

  • Contact us on our website at www.example.com

  • Come visit us at 123 Main Street

Finally, if you are referring to someone’s personal name in the context of contacting them, either preposition works:

Common Misuses of ‘On’ and ‘At’

It’s common to misuse the prepositions ‘on’ and ‘at’, especially when providing contact information.

For example, many people incorrectly use ‘contact us on’ instead of ‘contact us at’. This is incorrect because it implies that someone will be contacted via a website or other online platform, rather than by phone or email.

Another mistake is using ‘in’ for both locations and time, such as in the phrase ‘I’ll call you in two hours’. Here, the correct preposition would be ‘in two hours’, not ‘on two hours’.

To avoid confusion, it’s important to remember that ‘at’ denotes specific times and locations, while ‘on’ describes broad time frames like days and dates. If unsure which one to use, it’s best to double-check the context before writing.

How To Choose Between ‘On’ and ‘At’

To choose between ‘on’ and ‘at’, consider the context of your sentence. Generally, use ‘on’ when referring to surfaces or locations, like streets or buildings. Use ‘at’ for specific points in space or time, like addresses or dates.

When in doubt, here are a few tips:

  • Consider whether the item is static or moving – if it’s static, use ‘on’; if it’s moving, use ‘at’.

  • Think about which preposition best fits the context – using either ‘on’ or ‘at’ can convey different meanings.

  • Listen to how people speak in everyday conversation – you’ll find that language changes depending on region and culture.

  • Read through examples of both words used correctly – this will give you a better understanding of their usage.

Examples of Correct Usage of ‘On’ and ‘At’

Using ‘on’ and ‘at’ correctly can be tricky, but with a few examples, you’ll get the hang of it.

For example, when referring to contact information, you would use ‘contact us at’ followed by a telephone number or email address.

However, if you are talking about a physical location such as an office building or store, then you should use ‘contact us on.’

These two prepositions also have other uses.

For instance, when discussing dates and times, ‘on’ is used to refer to specific days and times, while ‘at’ is used for general time periods like morning or night.

Remembering these examples will help ensure that your language is accurate and appropriate for any audience.


The correct usage of ‘on’ and ‘at’ can be confusing at times, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll soon understand the difference.

Remember that when referring to a physical address or location, use ‘at’.

For communication methods such as email, telephone number, or website URL, use ‘on’.

With this information in mind, you’ll confidently be able to choose the correct preposition for your communication needs.