“Dream Of” Vs. “Dream About” – Difference (With Examples)

Marcus Froland

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they have subtle differences in meaning.

In this article, we will explore the definitions of ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’, provide examples to illustrate their usage, discuss similarities and differences between them, and conclude with an understanding of the distinction between them.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Dream of’ involves imagining or foreseeing something happening, while ‘dream about’ implies fantasizing or conjuring up an image in the mind.
  • ‘Dream of’ often refers to having a vision or ambition for something, such as career success or starting a family, while ‘dream about’ includes thinking about goals and ambitions, such as achieving financial security or traveling the world.
  • Both ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’ involve thinking about goals and ambitions, but ‘dream of’ implies a more idealistic, aspirational dream that may not be achievable in the near future, while ‘dream about’ focuses on smaller objectives that are attainable soon.
  • ‘Dream of’ involves envisioning details about what will happen when the dream comes true, while ‘dream about’ requires planning and overcoming obstacles to achieve the desired goal.

Definition of ‘Dream Of’ and ‘Dream About’

You might be wondering what the difference is between ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’.

To dream of something means to imagine it in a vision or foresee it happening. It suggests that you have an idea of what will come and are waiting for its arrival.

On the other hand, dreaming about something implies fantasizing, conjuring up an image in your mind, or having thoughts about it without any expectation as to whether it will happen.

An example of this would be if someone dreams of winning a lottery but they don’t expect to actually win one. Whereas dreaming about winning a lottery could mean imagining how life would change if they did win.

Examples of ‘Dream Of’

You’ve likely heard the phrase ‘dream of’ – what might it mean?

In this context, ‘dream of’ usually means to have a vision or an ambition for something.

It could refer to an idea that someone would like to become reality, such as having a successful career, starting a family, or buying a house.

Dreaming of something can also involve envisioning details about what it will be like when the dream comes true; imagining the emotions and experiences that will come with achieving one’s goals.

For example, someone may dream of becoming a doctor and visualize themselves graduating from medical school with their friends and family in attendance. They may also imagine how they’ll feel afterwards as they start their career in medicine.

Examples of ‘Dream About’

Thinking about your goals and ambitions can often involve ‘dreaming about’ what you would like to achieve. This can include dreams of career success, financial security, or even traveling the world. It is a way of visualizing what your life could look like if certain things were achieved.

Dreams about achieving something are usually focused on short-term goals and require dedication and hard work to make them come true. For example, someone might dream about becoming a doctor or getting a promotion in their job. They must then plan how they will achieve this goal, taking into account their current situation and any obstacles that may arise along the way.

Dreaming about these ambitions can provide motivation to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come up.

Similarities Between ‘Dream Of’ and ‘Dream About’

Both ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’ involve thinking about goals and ambitions that you would like to achieve. Though there are subtle differences between the two, they both express similar intentions.

‘Dream of’ implies a hope for something; it can be an idea or ambition that resonates with the person dreaming, a dream that they wish to make real.

On the other hand, ‘dream about’ suggests more of a fantasy, something that may not be possible in reality but is still worth thinking about.

In either case, these dreams can act as motivation and help propel individuals towards their desired outcome.

Differences Between ‘Dream Of’ and ‘Dream About’

While both ‘dream of’ and ‘dream about’ involve visualizing goals and ambitions, there are some notable differences between them:

  • ‘Dream of’ implies a more idealistic, aspirational dream, that may not be achievable in the near future.
  • ‘Dream about’ is more realistic dreaming for something that can be achieved soon.

The phrase ‘dream of’ is usually used to describe a grand vision or goal.

On the other hand, ‘dream about’ describes more smaller objectives that are attainable in the near future.


Your dreams are a powerful part of your life.

‘Dream of’ and ‘Dream about’ may seem similar, but they have distinct differences.

While both refer to the thoughts or images that occur while you sleep, ‘dream of’ usually refers to a hope or desire for something in the future, while ‘dream about’ typically involves reflecting on a past experience or event.

Knowing when to use each term can help you better articulate your dreams and make them come true.