Is It Correct to Say “As Per Our Conversation”?

Marcus Froland

In the realm of business language and professional communication, the phrase “As per our conversation” often appears in email correspondence as a means of referring to prior discussions. This phrase serves as a reminder of agreements, obligations, or to provide updates on a situation. While popular in the world of business etiquette, the expression can sometimes come across as overly formal or even passive-aggressive. There may be more fitting language choices that are friendly and direct while still efficiently communicating your intent.

Understanding the Phrase “As Per Our Conversation”

In the realm of professional language and business communication, the phrase “As per our conversation” is commonly used to reference prior discussions, decisions, or agreements. This phrase serves as a formal way of reminding someone about the outcomes or obligations from a conversation, ensuring all parties remember what was agreed upon and maintaining accountability. Let’s take a closer look at some scenarios in which this phrase is most commonly applied:

  1. Meeting recaps
  2. Confirming agreements

However, it is crucial to use the phrase “As per our conversation” correctly to avoid misinterpretation or an unintentional tone of frustration. It’s essential to strike a balance between formality and friendliness in your professional communication. The phrase’s appropriate usage can improve clarity, accountability, and business relationships, while inappropriate usage may create discord and misunderstanding.

Remember, “As per our conversation” is a reminder of past discussions and serves to maintain accountability and clarity.

While “As per our conversation” can be a helpful communication tool, it is essential to evaluate your relationship with the recipients and the context in which you are using the phrase. Ensure that you understand the implications and potential effects the phrase may have on your working relationships. Ultimately, the main goal of using such phrases in professional communication is to facilitate clarity, maintain business etiquette, and contribute to building strong professional relationships.

When to Use “As Per Our Conversation” in Professional Communication

Utilizing “As per our conversation” in professional communication can serve various purposes, such as reminder for obligations, clear communication, and professional reminders. This phrase can be appropriate in different situations, helping to ensure effective communication between parties.

Reminding About Obligations and Agreements

Using “As per our conversation” can be helpful in reminding someone of an obligation or agreement they’ve committed to. At times, if a party has overlooked their responsibility, bringing up the previous discussion can act as a gentle prompt for them to fulfill the agreed-upon task.

Clarifying Previously Discussed Points

Another suitable use for this phrase is to provide clarity in communications, especially when details become buried in lengthy email threads or after numerous meetings. By referencing the prior conversation, you ensure that both parties recall the essential points discussed, minimizing misunderstandings and maintaining a focus on the desired outcomes.

Informing on Progress and Updates

In situations where you want to keep a business partner informed on the progress made or steps taken after a conversation, using “As per our conversation” may be appropriate. Although it could seem overly formal, this phrase signifies that actions have been based on previous discussions, contributing to a transparent and professional communication.

Ultimately, “As per our conversation” can play an essential role in a variety of professional communication contexts. When used mindfully and in conjunction with other engaging and friendly language, it can enhance clarity, remind parties of obligations or agreements, and keep collaborators updated on essential progress or results.

Alternatives to “As Per Our Conversation” That Enhance Clarity and Tone

Embracing a positive tone in communication is crucial when aiming to foster and maintain successful business relationships. One way to ensure a friendly tone is by using friendly alternatives in business language. Employing such alternatives to “As per our conversation” allows you to maintain a high degree of clear business language while also sustaining a sense of constructive professional language.

Here are some phrases you can consider using instead of “As per our conversation” to enhance both the clarity and tone of your communications:

  1. “As agreed”
  2. “As we discussed earlier”
  3. “In line with our previous dialogue”
  4. “Following our conversation”

By choosing one of these alternatives, you can contribute to a more persuasive and collaborative environment in your interactions with colleagues and clients.

Example: “In line with our previous dialogue, I am pleased to confirm that the final report will be ready for your review before the end of the week.”

Apart from preventing misunderstandings, using phrases that convey a sense of collaboration not only demonstrates your understanding of effective business communication but also shows your willingness to work together to achieve common goals. So, next time you find yourself drafting an email or speaking with a colleague, remember to consider the tone you are setting through the language you use. Choose words that foster a sense of collaboration and respect, and you will be on your way to establishing and maintaining solid professional relationships.

Impact of Language on Business Relationships and Email Etiquette

The choice of language in business correspondence has a significant impact on relationships. Phrases like “As per our conversation” can carry unintended passive-aggressive undertones, which could potentially sour association with clients or associates. Opting for language that is conversational, concise, and friendly fosters collaborative and trust-based professional relationships. In this section, we will discuss the importance of email etiquette in business and how the choice of words can influence the success of your business relationship building efforts.

Effective professional correspondence is a crucial skill for any business professional. It involves not only the words you use but also the tone and format of your messages. When it comes to email etiquette, it is essential to remember the following key principles:

  1. Always use a clear and informative subject line.
  2. Keep your email concise and to the point.
  3. Use a professional and friendly tone.
  4. Proofread your email for errors before sending.
  5. Respond to emails in a timely manner.

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” – Tony Robbins

By adhering to these basic email etiquette principles, you ensure that your professional correspondence remains respectful, clear, and effective. However, the language impact on relationships goes beyond the structure of your messages. Your choice of words and expressions can greatly influence the perception of your mails and, ultimately, your business relationships.

Instead of using phrases like “As per our conversation,” consider using alternatives that convey a more positive tone. For example:

  • “Following our discussion…”
  • “As we previously discussed…”
  • “In line with our last conversation…”
  • “As agreed during our talk…”

Using these alternatives will not only help you maintain a good working rapport with your business partners, clients, and colleagues, but it will also create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. In today’s highly competitive business world, developing and maintaining strong relationships is essential for success. A simple improvement in your email etiquette and language can make all the difference in nurturing and fostering those professional connections.

Best Practices for Using “As Per Our Conversation” in Business Correspondence

In business correspondence, using the right language is essential to maintaining professionalism in communication. When considering the phrase “As per our conversation,” it’s crucial to approach its usage thoughtfully, keeping business correspondence best practices in mind. Utilize this phrase when necessary to remind someone of a prior agreement or to clarify essential takeaways from discussions.

One effective email communication strategy is to pair the phrase with more engaging and less formal language. By coupling “As per our conversation” with conversationally toned sentences, you can create a friendly and professional atmosphere, enhancing relationships with the recipient. Remember to always consider the context and the nature of your relationship with the recipient when choosing the most suitable phrasing.

To further improve your professional email skills, consider different alternatives to this phrase that still convey your message with clarity. Alternatives such as “As agreed,” “As we discussed earlier,” or “Following our conversation” can work just as effectively while promoting a positive and collaborative tone. In the end, selecting the right language is vital in fostering strong business relationships and demonstrating your professionalism.