“Register In” or “Register At” – Correct Preposition (+Examples)

Marcus Froland

Are you wondering whether to use ‘register in’ or ‘register at’? Knowing which preposition is the correct one can make a difference in how your message is received.

This article will explain when to use each preposition and provide examples to help you choose the right one.

Read on for an easy guide to register in vs. register at.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Register in’ is used when referring to online forums, webpages, and services, as well as events like conferences, classes, competitions, and networking groups.
  • ‘Register at’ is used when referring to physical places, such as movie screenings, concerts, or enrolling in a course.
  • Using the correct preposition ensures clear communication and avoids ambiguity.
  • When unsure, it is generally safer to use ‘register in’, but pay attention to specific requirements for each registration.

Register in Vs. Register at

You would use ‘register in’ when referring to a place or organization. You would use ‘register at’ when referring to a physical location.

For example, if you were enrolling for classes at your local college, you would say that you are registering in the college.

However, if you were signing up for a gym membership, you might say that you are registering at the gym.

These terms indicate two different types of registration processes: one for virtual spaces and organizations and one for physical places.

Knowing which preposition to use correctly can help ensure that your intended meaning is understood by others.

When to Use ‘Register In’

When it comes to registering, ‘in’ is the preposition you should use. This is most commonly used when signing up for online forums, webpages, or other services that require a member account.

Additionally, ‘register in’ can also be used to sign up for events such as conferences, classes, competitions, and networking groups.

It’s important to remember that ‘register in’ must always be followed by a noun and cannot stand alone. For example: ‘I registered in an online forum’ or ‘She registered in a networking group’.

When using this phrase, make sure you are clear on what exactly you are registering for so that everyone is on the same page. Keep your language precise and avoid any ambiguity.

Lastly, if unsure about which preposition to use when registering, opt for ‘in’.

When to Use ‘Register At’

If you’re not sure which preposition to use, ‘at’ is usually the correct choice when registering for certain types of events like movie screenings and concerts. When signing up to attend or participate in these kinds of activities, it’s best to use the preposition ‘at’.

For example, you might say ‘I am registering at a concert tomorrow’ or ‘I registered at a movie screening this morning’.

It’s important to note that other uses of ‘register’ may require different prepositions. For instance, if you are enrolling in a course, you would normally say ‘I’m registering in an online class.’

Examples of Register In

Enrolling in a college or university, taking part in a clinical trial, and joining a gym are all activities where it’s appropriate to use the phrase ‘register in’.

Other examples include:

  • Signing up for an online course
  • Subscribing to a magazine or newsletter
  • Enlisting in the military
  • Entering into a loyalty program.

No matter what you’re registering for, you should make sure you provide accurate information. It’s important to pay close attention to detail when filling out forms. Take the time to read any instructions carefully before submitting your registration.

Doing so will help ensure your paperwork is processed correctly and quickly.

Examples of Register At

Registering at a bank, voting in an election, and getting a driver’s license are all activities for which you’ll need to ‘register at’.

When registering at a bank, you’ll usually need to present your ID or other documentation in order to open an account.

At the polls on election day, you must register your name and address in order to vote.

And when applying for a driver’s license, you must provide proof of identity such as a birth certificate or passport.

In each case, registration is required before any further action can be taken.

Be sure to bring all necessary documents with you when registering at any of these places.

Following the instructions carefully will help ensure that your process goes smoothly and quickly!


At the end of the day, it’s important to use the correct preposition when discussing registration.

When talking about registering for a class or program, ‘register in’ is best.

For signing up to an event or website, ‘register at’ is more appropriate.

Keep these points in mind and you’ll be sure to make the right choice every time!