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In this lesson we will learn how to use the words ‘for’ and ‘since’.


Jim: The words ‘for’ and ‘since’ are both used to speak about time.

Grace: But they are used in two different specific situations, Jim.

Jim: ‘For’ is used to speak of any amount of time in the present, past or future. For example:

Grace: She lived in Jersey for 10 years.

Grace: The astronauts will stay on the space station for a month.

Jim: ‘Since’ is used when we speak about a time when something started. It refers to the past which affects the present in most of the cases. For example:

Grace: They have been friends since childhood.

Grace: Since we last met, important things have happened to me.

Jim: Thank you for the examples, Grace. But ‘for’ and ‘since’ are also used to speak of things not related to time, aren’t they?.

Grace: Yes Jim! ‘For’ can also be used to show us who will benefit from an action. For example:

Jim: I bought the books for you.

Jim: Today I’m cleaning the house for you.

Grace: That’s right. And ‘since’ can be used to indicate a particular thing because of which something happened or occurred. It means ‘because’. For example:

Jim: Since there’s no more work, I’m going home.

Grace: Thank you for the examples.

Jim. Let’s listen to some conversations now.

The Train’s Late!

Robin: The damn train is late again! I have been waiting for hours.

Laura: For how many hours have you been waiting?

Robin: I’ve been here for almost 2 hours!

Laura: Gosh...So you’re in the station since morning?

Robin: It’s irritating! I’ve been waiting here since 7 in the morning.

Mom Asked me to Buy Something

Laura: Let me buy something for my mother, Martin.

Martin: Since I’ll have to wait in the market, I’ll buy something too.

Laura: Why don’t you buy a new phone to your dad? You told me that his was old.

Martin: I’ll buy the phone some other time, since I don’t have so much money right now.

Laura: I could pay it for you, if you want it.

Martin: Nah, but thanks for the offering.

Why Did You Buy It?

Robin: Hey Martin. What did you buy the ball for? We don’t play anymore.

Martin: I was at the market today and I saw this soccer ball. I got it for my son.

Robin: Maybe we can play too. We haven’t played football for years!

Martin: Yes, Robin! Since 2008.

Robin: You’re correct! Martin. Let’s play football tomorrow.

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