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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom 'dig your heels in' in your conversations.


Kenny: Let's talk about the idiom 'dig your heels in' today.

Ross: Yes Kenny, 'dig your heels in' means that you refuse to change your opinion or plan, even if someone is really trying to make you do so.

Kenny: Right! If you dig your heels in, it means you are stubborn about your own decision.

Ross: That's it! For example: we wanted to go out on Freda's birthday, but she dug her heels in and we had to celebrate it at home.

Kenny: Hmm...I don't see a problem. After all it's her birthday! We should not dig our heels in when it comes to deciding about someone else's party.

Ross: Maybe. Anyways, 'to dig one's heels in' means to resist something very firmly, especially when somebody is insisting that you should do something else.

Kenny: Should we listen to some conversations now?

Ross: Absolutely!

Maria Is Not Going Anywhere.

Jim: Maria! Why aren't you ready?

Maria: Didn't you hear me the first time? I'm not going anywhere today!

Jim: C'mon honey! Don't dig your heels in like that! You know the guys will be waiting for us...

Maria: This is so unfair! I want to go out on Saturday, not today!

Jim: Alright! I give up. We won't go out today.

She's Happy.

Kenny: Hey dude. We waited for you yesterday.

Jim: Man, I tried to persuade Maria to come, but she dug her heels in.

Kenny: Yeah, that's fine. You need to spend some time with your family too.

Jim: I do it, buddy. She's happy.

Good Husband.

Ross: Wow, Maria! You look great in that dress! How much did it cost?

Maria: Thank you, Ross. I paid $150 for it.

Ross: Oh! It's expensive!

Maria: Yeah! I didn't even want to buy it. But Jim dug his heels in and bought it for me.

Ross: Jim is a great husband. You're a lucky girl!

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