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Let’s learn how to use the idiom ‘dime a dozen’ through some conversations!


Luke: Today we’ll discuss the idiom ‘dime a dozen’.

Lucy: When something is “a dime a dozen”, it means that it’s very cheap and common. For example, shoes are a dime a dozen in Durban since there are many shoe factories up there.

Luke: Yes, the idiom ‘dime a dozen’ means that something can be easily acquired. For example, low-paying jobs are a dime a dozen but it’s hard to find a good one.

Lucy: You’re right, Luke. When something is a dime a dozen, it means that it is of very little value.

Luke: When something is regular or boring we may refer to it as a dime a dozen too.

Lucy: I have a good example for that: zombie movies are a dime a dozen these days.

Luke: I just hate them. Alright, but let’s listen to some conversations now.

Annoying Hoodlums.

Ted: What happened, Joe? You look angry and flustered.

Joe: I just met another hoodlum on the bus.

Ted: Yeah, those hoodlums are a dime a dozen nowadays.

Joe: Sometimes I feel like giving them a piece of my mind.

Ted: Okay! Cool down man. You won’t win any fights against them!

Cheap Antiques.

Joe: Hey Ted? Those paintings look awesome!

Ted: I bought them at the art fair.

Joe: They must’ve been expensive.

Ted: No way! Watercolors like that are everywhere. They’re a dime a dozen.

Common Fashion.

Ted: Look what I’ve just found! A Spiderman comic from 1969. Oh! It must worth a lot!

Joe: Sorry Ben, it’s a reprint. They reprinted millions of that issue last year.

Ted: So, it’s not rare?

Joe: Nope. Those reprints are a dime a dozen.

Ted: What a pitty! For a minute I thought I’d make some good bucks.

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