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In this lesson you will learn how to negotiate in English.

Negotiations on Service.

Mark: So Richard, I’d like to hear more about how you charge for your service.

Richard: Sure Mr. Mark. We offer one-year unlimited data storage for $2000.

Mark: Can you clarify the data rate? Exactly how much data storage can be used, when you say it is unlimited?

Richard: We have a fair use policy of 10 TB.

Mark: Can you bring down the rates? We won’t need that much storage anyway.

Richard: We have 7 TB storage for 2 years at the same price. I’m sure this is the best package for you.

Mark: I don’t know, Mark. Let me sleep on it.

Negotiating an Ad Contract.

Mark: Mr. Smith, can you please give me your best offer?

Smith : Sure Mr. Mark. I can give you 15 seconds of airtime for $2500 if you sign a contract for 100 such ads.

Mark : But your price is too high. I am getting a quote for $2000 from a rival network.

Smith : There’s a good reason. Their viewership is also 30% smaller than ours. It actually works out to be more expensive.

Mark : Hmmm... Well, I never negotiated the deal with them. Let’s do this: give me a rate of $2000, and I’ll sign the contract.

Smith : I don’t think we can afford it.

Mark : Check it up with your boss, Mr. Mark. I am sure he’ll give you a go ahead.

Salary Negotiations.

Richard: Mrs. Ivy, you know that I applied for a salary increase last month.

Ivy: Yes Richard. I’ve forwarded your request to the human resources manager.

Richard: I hope you will consider the matter. My last two annual performance reviews were good, but I haven’t had a salary hike for 2 years.

Ivy: I am aware of that, Richard, but the salary issues are handled entirely by HR.

Richard: I have to admit this is really disappointing.

Ivy: Richard, the manager responded that it’s not our policy to increase salary by 30%.

Richard: So, can I expect 25%?

Ivy: I will talk to the manager again about it Richard, but 10% is standard.

Richard: Thank you, Mrs. Ivy. I really want to keep working for the company, but I should be able to afford it.

Negotiating a Delivery Date.

Ivy : Congratulations on winning the order! The deadline for the delivery is 30 days from now.

Smith : 30 days? Wow! That’s cutting it rather thin. I asked for a 45-day period.

Ivy : Come on. You know we can’t afford waiting for 45 days for the material. Thirty days is the industry standard.

Smith : You’re right Mrs. Ivy, but you’ve asked for a special design modification. That’s going to take time. I don’t want to disappoint you later.

Ivy : Hmm.. How soon do you think you can deliver it?

Smith : Well, I like working with you, so I am going to make an extra effort. Let’s fix it at 36 days.

Ivy : Okay, Mr. Smith. That sounds reasonable.

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