Use Of The Phrasal Verb Chip In.

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In this lesson we’ll learn about the phrase “chip in” and how to use it in conversations.


Hey, good to see you here! How’s it going? ‘Chip in’ is a phrase which means you are contributing to something. Whenever you get together with friends to do something, or even just to talk, each of you will chip in, right?


Let’s get started!




Richy: The phrase “chip in” can be used in different situations. But in general it means contributing to something. For example - everybody chipped in to pay the bill.


Nadia: Yes, right. The sentence you used means contributing some money.


Richy: But, as you know, it can also mean contributing to some discussion. Why don’t you give us an example, Nadia?


Nadia: Okay. For example - “If I could chip in, there are a couple of issues I'd like to raise.”


Richy: Yes. That’s right. You know how to use it. Do you know any other ways chip in is used?


Nadia: Yes. It could also mean interrupting a conversation. Like for example - “Some senior Army officials chipped in while we were talking, to say it was safe and there was no danger.”


Richy: Oh really. I never knew that. Thanks a lot. I know the other day Kim chipped in to make a point while we were discussing something important.


Nadia: Wow. You used the phrase correctly. Good job.


Chipping in some money


Arthur: Hey Jones. What’s up?

Jones: Nothing much man. Remember tomorrow is Ginny’s birthday?

Arthur: Yeah man. I remember.

Jones: We're going to buy a birthday cake and some gifts for her and I'm collecting the money. Do you want to chip in?

Arthur: Yeah sure. I’ll chip in 10 bucks.

Jones: Thanks, man. Everyone likes Ginny, so everyone is chipping in for her birthday.  

Arthur: Great! It’ll be a good party!


Contributing to a discussion


Mica: Hey guys. What’s up?

Larley: Hey Mica. Eric and I were just discussing environmental issues.

Mica: Can I chip in?

Larley: Sure, you probably have something useful to say.

Mica: So what environmental issues were you guys discussing?

Eric: We were discussing that plastic bags are still being used all across the country. Some cities don’t allow them, but in most places the government doesn’t do anything about it.

Mica: Yeah, that’s true. I think the government should chip in and solve this problem because it’s damaging the environment.

Larley: I agree.

Chipping in some money in a card game


John: Hey, what’s up man?

Jake: Nothing much. Come and join us for cards?

John: Yeah, sure.

Jake: How much money can you chip in?

John:  I'll chip in a hundred bucks but that's my limit.

Jake: Okay. I’m chipping in a thousand bucks.

John:  Isn’t that a lot?

Jake: For you maybe; you’re new. I’m experienced at this.


John: Okay.


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