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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson you’ll learn about the phrase “get away with” and how to use it in your conversations.




Hello viewer! “Get away with” is a verb that may have multiple meanings. Most commonly we use it when we escape without being punished or caught while doing some mischief. Didn’t we


all do something in our childhood that we got away with? (Smile)


There are many other contexts too. This lesson will show you how to use “get away with.” Practice the dialog by pausing the video anywhere you want and repeating the lines. Also have a look at the vocabulary section at the end.


Let’s get started then.




Robbie: So, are you good at using verbs like to “get away with?”


Jennifer: I think so. Using that type of verb is easy. You just need to know how and when to use it.


Robbie: Okay, for example?


Jennifer: The phrase “get away with” means to not get caught or punished for doing something wrong. For example - the student said she had studied for the test but she didn’t. She got a good grade anyway, so she got away with it. 


Robbie: So in this sentence it means that she should have studied but it turned out all right anyway?


Jennifer: Yes, that’s right.


Robbie: Okay. So, if I say “the students would love to get away with skipping school.” It means to skip school and not get caught, right?


Jennifer: You have used it correctly, but don’t ever encourage children to skip school!


Robbie: I would never! Okay, now I will give you another example. Do you think he could get away with using cheap gas in his car?


Jennifer: That’s a good example. My guess is that he couldn’t! 


Robbie: Yeah! Okay, now let’s watch some conversations with more examples.




Jade: Hey, did you hear about Jack?


Sandra: What is it?


Jade: He stole thousands of dollars from our company and then left town.


Sandra: Whoa! Really? And they didn’t catch him?


Jade: No, he got away with it completely so far. I think he left the country.


Sandra: Oh man. Not many people have gotten away with stealing that much money. The police will find him.


Jade: Well... at least for now he got away with it...it’s been almost a month now and no one has found him.


Sandra: That’s really sad for the owner. He lost a lot of money.


Jade: Yes, that’s true.


Trying to get away with it. 


Larry: Hey. Did you find Sean yesterday?


Marshal: Yeah. He was rushing towards his house and I found him then.


Larry: You found him?


Marshal: Yes. He thought he could get away with not doing any work.


Larry: He has done that before, you know.


Marshal: What?


Larry: You know, like getting away with not completing his work. This is the first time he was caught and now there’ll be consequences.


Marshal: I don’t let anyone get away with not getting their work done. 


Larry: You’re the boss, you know it!


Marshal: I do know it!

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