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Welcome to twominenglish.com - teaching you English through two-minute lessons. This lesson will help you learn the correct use of "this" and "that."



Hello dear learner! Today we are going to talk about the difference between ‘This and That’. "This" is used when we are pointing at or talking about someone or some object near us. "That" is used when we are pointing at or talking about someone or some object farther from us. Pause the lesson and repeat the sentence to improve your pronunciation. Make sure you listen to the vocabulary section at the end and improve your word-power.


Michelle: Hello Holly! Today let’s discuss the use of "this" and "that."


Holly: Sure! "This" and "that" are a singular form used to indicate people, objects and situations. 


Michelle: "This" is used when the person or object is near to us and "that" is used when the person or object is farther from us.


Holly: This room is small. In this sentence, “this" is used to indicate the room we are in now.


Michelle: Great example, Holly! The meeting room down the hall is slightly bigger; I was in that room for yesterday’s lesson.


Holly: You used "that" because the room is farther from us than this room we’re in now.


Michelle: That’s right. Did you hear? There’s a new music professor. I heard he’s an excellent teacher, but that guy’s hair sure looks weird.


Holly: Does it? I didn’t have classes yesterday. You used "that guy" to indicate the new professor. 


Michelle: Yes! Would you pass me that wooden jewelry box?


Holly: Here you go! Is this the box you want?


Michelle: No, not this one. That box over there is the one I want. We used "this" to indicate the closer box and "that" to indicate the box that is farther away.


Holly: Great explanation Michelle! This lesson has become very interesting. 


Michelle: Nice example Holly! You used “this” to refer to today’s lesson. Before I go to lunch, I need to check my makeup. Where is the washroom?


Holly: You can use this one just outside the door. That other washroom (point) at the end of the hall is under maintenance.


Michelle: Thanks Holly! Let’s listen to some sample conversations now.


Abandoned Bag


Kate: Hey Holly? Is this your bag? (point down)


Holly: That one’s not mine. It looks a little like mine, but it’s different.


Kate: Someone left this bag on my desk and I’m not sure whose it is.


Holly: Did you check with that girl with the curly hair? I can’t remember her name.


Kate: Oh, that is Martha! I will check with her.


Field Trip tradition!


Matt: This field trip was an exciting experience.


Michelle: Yes, it was! I loved that catamaran sea ride we had last week. It was thrilling!


Matt: We should do this every year and make it a tradition.


Michelle: Why not? I would never miss this experience.


Painting skills discovered!


Kate: Wow! That is one good piece of art.


Matt: I painted that (point) one and also this (point to another direction) oil painting near the window. Thanks!


Kate: This is awesome, Matt! I never knew you could paint so well.


Matt: Thanks Kate! Is this shade of blue okay for the sky?


Kate: I think it’s much better than the one in that painting the other artist did.

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