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In this lesson you will learn phrases that you can use to talk about your insurance needs. 




Hello dear viewer! How are you? We all buy insurance to keep us covered in critical situations and to protect our possessions. This lesson has some conversations that show you how to communicate when you need to buy insurance. To kick up your vocabulary, have a look at the vocabulary section at the end.


Shall we get started?


Seeking Recommendations.


Julian: Where did you get your auto insurance? 


Chris: I always prefer going to CTY Solutions. They’ve got some of the best insurance plans. 


Julian: How long have you been working with this firm?


Chris: It’s been a while. Maybe 3 years or so. 


Julian: I’m actually thinking about changing my auto insurance provider. 


Chris: You can always get in touch with my agent. He’ll guide you through, suggesting good insurance alternatives according to your needs and requirements. 


Talking to the Agent. 


Julian: Does your company provide auto insurance? 


Agent: It does! In fact, our company is known to provide some of the best auto insurance policies in the market. 


Julian: What options do I have, with a 2007 model Camry?


Agent: Well, you’ll have a choice of deductibles, from $100 to $1000. And you can pay the premium monthly, semiannually or annually. 


Julian: What all will be included in the policy?


Agent: The policy has the details of what is covered, that you should read before signing the deal. However, if you are concerned about claims, then let me tell you that our company has a policy of providing easy claim service. 


Julian: So that means if I get in an accident, it’ll be easy for me to make a claim and get paid. 


Agent: That’s absolutely right! Where to Find Good Insurance Companies? 


Chris: Where should I look for a good insurance company?


Carly: What do you need insurance for?


Chris: I’m thinking to get my car insurance renewed, but I’m not satisfied with my current policy. 


Carly: Well, you can always look on the internet for A-list insurance companies in your vicinity. 


Chris: That is one thing I can do. Thanks!


Carly: Don’t forget to look for customer reviews on particular companies as well. Also, ask your friends which company they use. Seeking Contact Details. 


Chassie: Hey, is there any way I can get in touch with some good insurance agents in town? 


Julian: Sure! Do you have any particular companies in mind?


Chassie: No. I’m kind of new here, so not sure about any of them. 


Julian: You can look at online business directories for insurance agents in your town or vicinity. 


Chassie: Is there any other option? 


Julian: I think that’s the easiest way to do it. Within a few seconds you’ll get all the contact details of insurance agents operating in your town.


Chassie: I’m not good with computers. Would you help me with it? 


Julian: Sure. Let me help you find some of them.

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