Speaking English At a Fine Dining Restaurant

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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson you will learn how to order food and get your check in a fine dining restaurant.



(Smile and wave hands to make this a lively interactive conversation)

Hello there, viewer! Great to see you again. Fine dining is a very pleasant experience: we go to an awesome restaurant, order our favorite dishes and savor the taste in a great ambience. This lesson will show you how to place your order and speak to the staff in a fine dining restaurant.

Listen to them all, and check out the vocabulary section towards the end. And it’s a good idea to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want to!

Let’s get started now!!


Ordering Wine.


Joy: Hi, my name is Joy and I will be your waitress. Can I get you started with anything?


Ciara: I would like to order something from your wine list.


Joy: Here it is. You can select from this menu.


Ciara: Okay, I’d like to order a bottle of red wine. I’ll have the 2005 Napa Valley Merlot.


Joy: Good choice. I’ll be right back with your wine.


Ciara: Thank you.


Ready to Order.


Waitress: Hi. Are you ready to order?


Sean: Not really. I’m pretty confused. Can you suggest something good?


Waitress: Of course. Our specials are the New York steak and crispy roasted lamb.


Sean: Yes, I’d like the New York steak, well done. And my side orders will be a baked potato and a salad.


Waitress: All right. Will that be all for you?


Sean: Yes, thank you.


Waitress: Okay. Your order will be ready soon.


Getting a Dessert.


Waiter: How was your dinner?


Sandra: It was great, thanks.


Waiter: Would you like something for dessert?


Sandra: Yes, please.. I’ll have a slice of cheesecake.


Waiter: Okay. Would you like some coffee or anything else with that?


Sandra: No, that’s all, thank you.


Check, please!


Waiter: How was your meal Ma’am?


Kimberly: It was great!


Waiter: Can I get you anything else?


Kimberly: Just our check, please?


Waiter: Sure, I’ll be right back …


Waiter: Here you go.


Kimberly: Here is my credit card.


Waiter: I can take that for you.


Kimberly: Thank you.

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