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Welcome to twominenglish.com. Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson you will learn phrases that you can use to discuss the things you read in the newspaper today. 




Hi there! A lot of us start our day by reading the newspaper. We learn some new things from the newspaper, and we get to know what’s going on in our area and around the world. Sometimes we’d like to discuss what we read with our friends and family. Today’s lesson will show you how conversations could go when discussing various things that we read in the newspaper.

Practice the lesson by pausing it and repeating the lines anywhere you want! It will help to build up your English fluency. Check out the vocabulary section at the end to increase your vocabulary.

Let’s begin!



The Mango Delight. 


Terrance: What are you cooking? It smells delicious! 


Haley: I’m making Mango Delight. I found the recipe in the paper today! 


Terrance: When did you start reading newspapers? 


Haley: Since I found out that we can find a lot of other things in the newspaper other than politics and sports. 


Terrance: So now I know who took the lifestyle section! 



The Sports Victory.

Jimmy: Andy Murray was too good in his game last night. 


Marvin: That’s right! He’s all over the news today for his first major victory. 


Jimmy: Did you see today’s papers? The Times has published a whole one-page article on his 



life and his struggle to get to the top. 


Marvin: I read that, but I guess you missed the article on Murray and Djokovic’s rivalry. They’ve nailed it. 


Jimmy: Oh, no! I haven’t read that. Do you have today’s paper? 


Marvin: Not here. But, let’s go to my cubicle, I have it in my bag. 



Where’s The Lifestyle Section? 


Marvin: Have you seen today’s lifestyle section? 


Haley: Yes. I took it in the morning. They have some really nice articles today. 


Marvin: Well, I want to read it.


Haley: You’ll get it after I’m finished! 


Marvin: Haley, you have all day long to read the papers. I just need to have a quick look. 


Haley: Marvin, I am reading a really nice article on Caribbean holidays in the paper. I’ll let you have it when I am done, Ok?


Marvin: Gosh! Don’t be so annoying about it! I don’t see you reading it right now!



Read The Headlines! 

Jimmy: Hey! Have you read the headlines of today’s Mail Day? 


Terrance: No. Is there anything interesting? 


Jimmy: Mail Day is organizing a job fair and I thought you’d be interested in that!


Terrance: I sure am! Have you got the paper with you? 


Jimmy: Yes. It’s in my car. You can get it from me after class. 


Terrance: Thanks buddy!

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