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In this lesson, we will learn how to talk to someone about catching a bus.

At the Bus Stop

Sam: Excuse me, I need some information.

Max: Sure. What is it?

Sam: Could you tell me when the next bus to Parkington Lane will be here?

Max: It’ll be here in ten minutes. You seem to be in a hurry.

Sam: Yeah, I have an interview. Are you sure it will be on time?

Max: Yup. It never gets late.

Sam: I’m counting on it.

Max: Good luck on the interview, man.

Sam: Thanks.

Paying for a Ticket

James: Good morning! Which stop?

Sam: Parkington Lane.

James: That would be 50 cents.

Sam: Sure. Would you have change for 10 dollars?

James: Are you sure you don’t have anything less than that?

Sam: Hmm..let me check. Oh, here you go. I have a buck.

James: That’s much better, thank you.

Sam: You’re welcome.

Asking the Bus Driver to Help You Out

Sam: Excuse me. Could you give me some information, please?

James: Yes, sure. What do you need to know?

Sam: Well, I’ve never been to Parkington Lane before. Can you tell me when we get there?

James: Okay. No problem.

Sam: How far is it?

James: Four stops from here.

Sam: How long will it take?

James: About twenty minutes.

Sam: Okay, thanks.

Talking to a Co-passenger

Mark: Hey man, you look nervous. Is everything all right?

Sam: It’s just that I have an interview.You see...It’s an interview with my dream company.

Mark: Just calm down. I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Sam: I hope so. Where are you going to?

Mark: I work on Wall Street.

Sam: Oh! My interview is with Lehmann Associates.

Mark: Well, that’s where I work. What’s your name?

Sam: Sam Worthington.

Mark: I guess you have an interview with Mark Mason then, am I right?

Sam: Yes, that’s right! How could you possibly know that?

Mark: Simply because I am Mark Mason!

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